Lisa Summers/Sydney Sezer (USA)


Lisa Summers was born a man, Sydney Sezer. Sezer was convicted in 1996 of repeatedly molesting a 13-year-old girl for almost a year. He was sentenced to more than eight years in prison, and after he got out, he legally changed his name to Lisa Summers.  He was using Go Fund Me, a crowd funding website, to ask for $18,000 for surgery to complete the physical transition from man to woman.

Sex offender uses crowdfunding to raise money for gender reassignment surgery _ Local & Regional _ KATU.

3 thoughts on “Lisa Summers/Sydney Sezer (USA)

  1. Reblogged this on the one who writes and commented:
    And this is why convicted sex offenders should not be allowed to change their name or their gender. How the hell would we know that this man raped a child, or even what name to look for on a sex offender registry?

  2. Good point Rosyln…..

    Also, by claiming “gender identity”, they also can demand access to women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, showers, and even homeless shelters for women (Google sexual predator Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook).

    It’s getting to the point that no mother would feel comfortable letting her little girl use a women’s restroom by herself. You don’t know if one of these perverts decides to pull out his cell phone and try and sneak a photo or two.

    This is getting more frightening and unreal every day.

  3. What mother wants her daughter to share a restroom with a man like this? Or, registered sex offender Paula Witherspoon.

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