Emily Dievendorf @Equality_MI @Moxie4More & #michfest (USA)

Emily Dievendorf is a bisexual who is the executive director of Equality Michigan, the statewide GLBT equality group. She is using her organization to bash and harass the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, which provides safe space for females, predominantly lesbians. She has faced backlash from women and men who find her homophobia unbecoming.

She responded to one such thoughtful commenter as follows:


Dievendorf apparently believes that Lesbians work for men.

One thought on “Emily Dievendorf @Equality_MI @Moxie4More & #michfest (USA)

  1. What is so evil about women having one week a freaking year to do as they please on THEIR PRIVATE PROPERTY? On Equality Michigan’s website they admit that they can’t legally tell women what they can and can’t do on their private property. Still, they continue with this divisive and mean-spirited campaign. They knew that this was a divisive issue.

    They always play the most oppressed card at every turn. Women are beaten, raped, and assaulted every day. Not only do we have to put up with this, we now have to let Paula Witherspoon and Colleen Francis into our restrooms and locker rooms, and to add insult to injury we are called “transphobic” bigots for objecting.

    Male on male violence is horrific, but women aren’t to blame. Why not make men accountable for their acts of violence?

    I admit that transwomen are subject to violence and it’s sickening and unjust, but who is responsible for the majority of hate crimes involving great bodily injury or death of transgender identified persons? It’s MEN because men are responsible for most violent crime. Look at the crime statistics. Look at the school shootings and mass killings. Because men assault and kill transwomen, women have to open up their restrooms, locker rooms, women’s shelters, etc. to every man who identifies as a “woman”.

    This is what they will never admit. Men who “identify as women” offend at the same rate as other males. They also will deny autogynephilia which is their dirty little secret. How many more examples do we need? Luise Morales (Synthia China Blast), Robert (Michelle) Kosilek, Kenneth (Katheena Sonyee) Hunt, David Megarry (Sandy Jo Battista), Douglas (Donna) Perry, etc.

    They say they are a statewide victim’s organization, but Equality Michigan and HRC ignored death threats against radical feminists and some women are afraid to even speak in public.

    To read about death threats against “TERFs”, “Real Women Have Cocks”, and Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton (aka Aerynxv aka aeryn rebeka fulton aka aeryn reid aka aeryn rebeka fulton-chesnavich ) click on this link.


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