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A convicted arsonist with a penchant for harassing correctional officers, including threatening to rape a female prison guard, is on the Prisoners Advisory Committee of the Sylvia Rivera Law project.  Dennis T. Nelson has contributed his artwork to a calendar for sale on the SRLP’s website.  Nelson has also mailed packages filled with powder to courthouses and has thrown urine on prison guards.

New York courts have determined that Nelson has filed so many frivolous lawsuits, he is no longer entitled to have the filing fee waived for his lawsuits. From Nelson v. Chang:

Plaintiff Dennis Nelson is currently, and, at the time of the filing of his complaint, was incarcerated at Great Meadow Correctional Facility in Comstock, New York. Plaintiff filed this pro se action, which the court construes as an action pursuant to Bivens v. Six Unknown Federal Narcotics Agents, 403 U.S. 388 (1971), and for medical malpractice, along with a request to proceed in forma pauperis (“IFP”), on March 24, 2008. By Order dated April 4, 2008, Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom granted plaintiff’s request to proceed IFP.  It has since come to the court’s attention that federal courts in other districts of New York have determined that multiple prior complaints filed by plaintiff were frivolous, and that, as a result, plaintiff has been barred from IFP status pursuant to the Prison Litigation Reform Act of 1996, Pub. L. No. 104-134, 110 Stat. 1321, 28 U.S.C. § 1915(g) (“the PLRA”), unless plaintiff demonstrates that he is under imminent danger of serious physical injury. Therefore, for reasons explained in full below, the court revokes plaintiff’s IFP status and orders that the complaint be dismissed unless plaintiff pays the full filing fee of $350 within 30 days after entry of this order.


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  1. Great work on investigating the violent men who are involved with, or have connections to the Sylvia Rivera Law Prison Project/ Prison Advisory Committee. Just when I thought I’ve read it all, it becomes more horrifying and deeply disturbing.

    This is what people refuse to believe even though the cases just keep piling up. Males who “identify as women” offend at the same rate as other males. We know three things: (1.) The vast majority of registered sex offenders are male (2.) Most violent crime is committed by males (3.) Paraphilias are far more common in males. Bless the male of the species, but this is the way it is. Does (1.), (2.), and (3.) change because the male “identifies as a woman” or calls himself transgender? No, it doesn’t. How many more examples do we need? What does this have to do with the subject at hand? Men who “identify as women” are demanding access to women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, homeless shelters for women, etc. When they are convicted of murdering or raping women (many transwomen still have male genitalia), some start calling themselves “women”, and demand female hormones and surgery while they are incarcerated for raping or murdering women. Males who rape or murder women, and then turn around and call themselves “women” not only have committed an act of violence against the females sex. they steal the very identity of women. They violate the female sex twice. They rape and murder women at the same rate as other males, and then they take the identity of women. It’s hard to describe in words, but it feels like such a violation.

    (1.) This twisted descent into insanity started when people went overboard, becoming fixated on political correctness at the cost of common sense as “gender identity” became the new age, hip, trendy liberal cause de jour . This can and must stop, and people can just say enough is enough. It’s simple, and it can start right now. Just say it, and let it all out. Don’t be shy. Males are NOT female. Adult females are called women. Repeat it over and over again.
    (2.) Tax payers should NEVER be forced to pay for female hormones or sex reassignment surgery for a violent murderer or rapist. What is a male going to do with breasts in a prison anyway? Who is he trying to impress? Sex reassignment surgery is basically extensive plastic surgery on otherwise health genitals. Prisons don’t pay for breast implants for female prisoners who want to feel more feminine inside, so why should they pay for plastic surgery on a male who wants to feel “feminine”? Wasn’t convicted wife killer Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek pushing sixty years of age when he got the prison system to pay for his sex reassignment surgery? Prisoners deserve room and board, nourishing food, a safe place to be housed, and basic health care.
    (.3) Males should NEVER be placed in women’s prisons or juvenile correctional facilities.

    “New York courts have determined that Nelson has filed so many frivolous lawsuits, he is no longer entitled to have the filing fee waived for his lawsuits. From Nelson v. Chang”

    They are obsessive in a demented kind of way aren’t they….

    Again, some great investigating work.

    Thank you,

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