Equality Michigan #michfest and the Anti-Lesbian GLBT Movement (USA)

Here is a list of the 814 people who have signed Equality Michigan’s petition against the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, the only existing space in the GLBT Movement for actual women.  Some of the “reasons” they give for signing onto an anti-woman petition follow:

“Transgender women shouldn’t be excluded from women’s spaces. I doubt Michfest is all about menstruation or some other only cisgender-relatable experience, so what’s the big deal?” – Anonymous (he signed a number of times)

“I will never support a festival bent on excluding the most vulnerable among us. Get on the right side of history or continue to watch the festival lose relevancy.” – Colin Lovell, Brooklyn, New York – this person works for NGLTF at a database administrator




“As a performing musician and trans woman, the Fest’s policies threaten and question trans existence and identity on a macro level.” – Mya Byrne, Brooklyn, New York

“Any person is more than the sum of their parts. There is nothing radical about clinging to the tired old assumption that gender is set in stone at birth.” – Felix Seidel, Brattleboro, Vermont

“Until we have accessible inclusive spaces for all womyn, it is wrong to exclude marginalized womyn.” – Marja Erwin, Virginia, who writes this delightful blog

“Trans women are women. Feminism that excludes trans women is not feminism.” – Corynn Hanson, Washington

Many of the 814 signers of the petition are Men (not transwomen, but Men).

Additionally, the following GLBT organizations have signed onto this anti-lesbian petition; we encourage anyone who cares about Women to stop supporting these organizations financially or otherwise:



Take Action Now _ Equality Michigan.

Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival _ Equality Michigan.



8 thoughts on “Equality Michigan #michfest and the Anti-Lesbian GLBT Movement (USA)

  1. Once the transgendered people are invited, they will come and the XX females will then not attend any more Fests. Fest will die, the transgendered people will only come once and declare “victory” and never come again. But Fest will end up dying because XX females, mostly Lesbians, will not go again. Guess who supports Fest year after year?

  2. People don’t want to see what is really going on, so please be forewarned as to the graphic nature of this post.

    Transgender is just a men’s rights movement cloaked in post modern, gender queer, Orwellian newspeak. If we carefully observe their words and actions, it’s perfectly clear. Simply strip away the p.c. madness that has been shoved down our collective throats and observe them.

    “Real Women Have Cocks”…. that is what it’s about…..cocks (whether in a dress or pair of pants) and male entitlement….

    It’s about controlling women, and men have always felt entitled to violate the boundaries of women.

    (1.) Death threats against “TERFs” (basically any woman who transgender/men’s rights organizations) dislike and can’t silence.

    (2.) The act of vandalism in which a graphic of a transwoman with an erection and the words, “Real Women Have Cocks” was to intentionally threaten women, and to mark their territory to let women know that their dicks are entitled to occupy any and all women’s personal space. They are saying I can put my dick anywhere.

    In the Pink and Black #6 zine issue, the publishers included the following description of the vandalism left at one of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival 2010 kitchens:

    “August 7. Hart , MI: Vandalism at Michfest at MichFest, the words “Real Womyn Have Cocks” were painted on the MichFest kitchen and other damage was allegedly done to MichFest property. A flyer was distributed with the following text: ‘Second-Wave ‘Feminists’, A hot load from my monstrous tranny-cock embodies womanhood more than the pieces of menstral (sic) art your transphobic cunts could ever hope to create. Love, Womyn-born-Monsters”



    “A few years ago, though, Vogel says, some protesters committed acts of vandalism—stealing electrical cables, cutting water pipes, keying cars in the parking lot, and spray-painting a six-foot penis, and the words “Real Women Have Dicks,” on the side of the main kitchen tent.”


    The New Yorker article says, “Real Women Have Dicks”, but the photo of the spray painted graphic says, “Real Women Have Cocks”. Maybe the New Yorkers used “dicks” instead of “cocks” because the latter is more offensive. At any rate, there are several credible sources that say that this incident of vandalism occurred. I’m sure Lisa Vogel will say it’s true.

    Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton (aka Aerynxv aka aeryn rebeka fulton aka aeryn reid aka aeryn rebeka fulton-chesnavich )

    Who is Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton (aka Aerynxv aka aeryn rebeka fulton aka aeryn reid aka aeryn rebeka fulton-chesnavich)? Below is an example of one of his rants about radical feminists who he describes as “hordes of Fascist JaniceRaymondiod lesbian bulldyke 2nd wave radfems.” Now, thanks to political pressure from Equality Michigan, Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton can walk through the front gates.


    Remember “gaynotqueer” on tumblr? You know why “he” stopped posting? Pretty much the same reason you will. He was not the first. When I used to post as “Plastic Girl” on gendertrender, I found out his dox, and passed them to some cane-swinging urban transwomen in “his” neighborhood. We know what gay bars “he” went to. This is real life baby, dont write checks your ass cannot cash.

    DIAF. All radical feminists will pay a terrible price. 2013 is going to be apocalyptic. We are so done with words. “Making a list, checking it twice, bringing some comeuppance wont that be nice? Planting radfems deep in the ground”.

    This year we are taking Michfest down. 2013 is the year of transequality. Suck it, Brennan! See you at the dyke march. (***READ THIS AGAIN, AND SAY IT’S JUST ABOUT THE MUSIC.)

    I want you all to realize, I’m; the ultimate Libertarian.If you are cool with me, I’m cool with you. IF NOT, LEAVE ME and MINE alone, or I will harm you. Violence is always an option, and I have studied to dispense violence all my life.

    We trans womyn have to battle for our very right to exist and transition against hordes of Fascist JaniceRaymondiod lesbian bulldyke 2nd wave radfems. We do NOT appreciate self-loathing little boyz taking up for the trans-exterminationist diesel dyke crowd. If you come to terms with taking a man as your ex partner, you too can avoid chasing nasty cis-woman coochie and free yourself from cis-woman mind-fuckkery


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