Here is a list of the 814 people who have signed Equality Michigan’s petition against the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, the only existing space in the GLBT Movement for actual women.  Some of the “reasons” they give for signing onto an anti-woman petition follow:
“Transgender women shouldn’t be excluded from women’s spaces. I doubt Michfest is all about menstruation or some other only cisgender-relatable experience, so what’s the big deal?” – Anonymous (he signed a number of times)
“I will never support a festival bent on excluding the most vulnerable among us. Get on the right side of history or continue to watch the festival lose relevancy.” – Colin Lovell, Brooklyn, New York – this person works for NGLTF at a database administrator
“As a performing musician and trans woman, the Fest’s policies threaten and question trans existence and identity on a macro level.” – Mya Byrne, Brooklyn, New York
“Any person is more than the sum of their parts. There is nothing radical about clinging to the tired old assumption that gender is set in stone at birth.” – Felix Seidel, Brattleboro, Vermont
“Until we have accessible inclusive spaces for all womyn, it is wrong to exclude marginalized womyn.” – Marja Erwin, Virginia, who writes this delightful blog
“Trans women are women. Feminism that excludes trans women is not feminism.” – Corynn Hanson, Washington
Many of the 814 signers of the petition are Men (not transwomen, but Men).
Additionally, the following GLBT organizations have signed onto this anti-lesbian petition; we encourage anyone who cares about Women to stop supporting these organizations financially or otherwise:
Take Action Now _ Equality Michigan.
Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival _ Equality Michigan.