Barnett v. City and County of Philadelphia (USA)

Jovanie Saldana
Jovanie Saldana

Four female prison inmates sued the City and County of Philadelphia in 2011 after each was forced to share a jail cell with an accused pimp and armed robber who clearly had male genitalia. The man, Jovanie Saldana, who is transgender, spent 14 months at Riverside, the city’s jail for women, until accusing a guard of sexual assault. No charges were filed against the guard.
The Philadelphia prison system’s policy allows transgender inmates who have undergone “gender” reassignment to be placed in a facility appropriate for the new gender. The policy is less clear about how to handle inmates before gender reassignment. Inmates should be placed in accordance with their gender as determined by their external genitalia, it states. But the policy provided that the determination should take into account the recommendations of a qualified medical staff person.
The inmates – Yazmin Gonzales, Katiria Chamorro, Maria Cachola, and recently released Jabrina T. Barnett – claim Saldana touched or groped them, subjected them to daily sexual harassment, and leered at them as they bathed or used the toilet.
The city and county settled the lawsuit.
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  1. The city and county settled the lawsuit.
    They settled because they knew they made a mistake. I wonder how much they were awarded. Many female inmates have histories of sexual and physical abuse. It must have been horrible to endure sexual harassment on a daily basis in a place where women should feel safe.
    The female victims of the violent adolescent male referred to as Jane Doe should sue the State of Connecticut for hella $$$$.

  2. Saldana’s arrest papers clearly stated that he was a man. This information is the same as the information listed on Saldana’s FBI Extract and NCIC Report.
    73. According to the PPS, RCF “was designed and operates exclusively for the female population of the PPS.”
    74. When Saldana arrived at RCF, he was held in the area of RCF known as the RECEIVING ROOM, where according PPS and RCF Guidelines he should have been compel to strip naked and been subjected to a strip and body cavity search.
    …other PPS Officials and employees discovered Saldana’s gender even though they had failed to properly investigate numerous complaints by female prisoners questioning Saldana’s gender for 14 months.
    Blow jobs in exchange for not revealing that he is male. Really professional correctional officers.
    At least one former RCF inmate will testify that she witnessed Saldana and Defendant, Correctional Officer Ellis enter a Utility Closet on H UNIT and almost getting caught engaging in an act of oral sex by a sergeant.
    178. At least one former RCF inmate will testify that, upon returning to their cell, Saldana had what appeared to be semen smeared on his face, mouth and shirt after exiting the Utility Closet on H UNIT with Defendant, Correctional Officer Ellis.
    179. At least one former RCF inmate will testify that, after seeing Saldana exit the Utility Closet on H UNIT with Defendant, Correctional Officer Ellis, Saldana went into his cell and repeatedly spit into the sink, washed out his mouth and gargled.
    180. Plaintiffs reasonably believe and aver that Defendant, Correctional Officer Ellis knew that Saldana was a man and agreed to act in concert with Saldana to conceal his true identity in exchange for sexual favors, including, but not limited to oral sex.
    During the time that Ms. Barnett was housed with Saldana, Saldana made repeated sexual overtures towards her in the form of commenting about the size and color of her beasts and nipples; and sexually grouped her by touching her breasts without her permission.
    200. Further, Saldana physically assaulted her by slamming her into the wall of Cell 17 when Ms. Barnett complained about Saldana touching her breasts.
    201. Further, during those months, Ms. Barnett was subjected to daily sexual harassment by Saldana in the form of the unwanted stares and sexual leering by Saldana.
    202. Further, during those months, Ms. Barnett was subjected to daily invasions her right to privacy and bodily integrity by Saldana because she was compelled to bathe in various stages of undress in front of Saldana. Case 2:11-cv-07012-ER Document 1 Filed 11/09/11 Page 60 of

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