Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese (Canada)

CaptureCatholic schools in Vancouver have adopted a policy that could allow transgender students to use the pronouns, uniforms and washrooms that match their gender identity after a human rights complaint forced the local archdiocese to balance its religious teachings with the rights of transgender children.
The lawyer for the 11-year-old transgender girl behind the complaint says Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese appears to be the first Catholic school board in North American to implement such a policy.
Tracey Wilson’s doctors determined she had gender dysphoria, but the Catholic school she attended indicated it could not accommodate her request to be treated as a girl.
Wilson’s family moved Tracey and her siblings to the public school system and filed a human rights complaint, which has now been resolved with the school board’s new policy.
“This is, as far as we know, certainly a North American first and probably a world first,” said the Wilson family’s lawyer, barbara findlay, who spells her name without capital letters.
Vancouver Catholic schools get transgender policy after human rights complaint by Tracey Wilson _ CTV News.
Human rights complaint prompts new gender policy in Vancouver Catholic schools – British Columbia – CBC News.

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  1. The human rights of women do not matter to anyone. People are eager to accept transgenderism as it dehumanizes women into sex stereotypes (gender) and supports the myth that feminism is no longer needed in the West.

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