Dana Lane Taylor (USA)

200448_19356612600_3588_ncrayDana Lane Taylor is a man who identifies as a woman. He has waged an ongoing campaign of harassment against women who disagree with his views on gender identity. One of Mr. Taylor’s targets, Cathy Brennan, was abused by him when he spoke publicly about her rape, including making comments that suggested that she lied about being raped.  As is her right, Brennan complained about Mr. Taylor’s actions to his employer, the University of Pennsylvania, because Brennan had reason to believe he engaged in this conduct while working.  Rather than have a sense of shame that he publicly harassed a survivor of rape, Mr. Taylor continues to stalk Brennan and threaten to sue her for “libel,” even though it is Mr. Taylor who made Brennan’s complaint about his abusive behavior public. Further, given that Mr. Taylor’s actions are well documented, and truth is a defense to libel, it is unclear how he hopes to succeed.
What is probably more likely is that Mr. Taylor is simply continuing to stalk and harass someone he perceives as a threat to his identity. This is a common tactic among transwomen activists, who regularly lobby to censor radical feminist conferences and speech, use social media and petition websites to abuse lesbians and others who resist the idea that gender is innate, enlist faux feminist media to demonize women who understand that gender is oppressive and that sex is a material realitydoxx the women and men who oppose them (and their families), threaten to use crowdsourcing websites to fund frivolous lawsuits and spread lies about individual women in an attempt to demonize them.
Notwithstanding Mr. Taylor’s assertions, it is legal to believe (1) he is male; (2) he is abusive; (3) he is obsessive.  

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  1. Typical abusive male-pattern stalking, harassment, and violence. I don’t know how anyone could mistake these men for women. They’re total psychopaths. As for suicidal, I’d be more worried about him being a homicidal maniac.

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