Sparks from the Flame @HRC @TheTaskForce & @NCLRights (USA)

Sparks from the Flame is a grassroots publication that  is filled with greetings and messages for MichFest participants from women who are part of feminist discussion and action groups online and in real life from around the world. From the editor, Thistle Pettersen:
“In this climate of accusations of “transphobia” taking over our precious few women’s safe spaces, activist organizations and advocacy groups, what is to become of women’s rights and needs in the coming months, years and decades?”
We recommend that the Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and The National Center for Lesbian Rights review this publication and take note of the fact that they have decided to prioritize the rights of Men to perform femininity over the rights of Women to congregate free from Male influence.
You can read the publication here.

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