“TERF Tracker” Allison Woolbert @TransHarmTrack & Register-Her (USA)

Allison Woolbert is a heterosexual man formerly called Dennis Wayne Woolbert who identifies as a woman and has inserted himself in the lives of Gay and Lesbian people by demanding that we see him as a woman. Because of this, he established a registry of people who reject his politics called the “TERF Tracker.”
Woolbert’s effort is eerily similar to Register-Her, a project of a Voice for Men.
From the website: “If you are listed on this site, it is because you made a PUBLIC comment in regards to your actions of being a TERF or supporting TERF ideology. In the future, you may want to consider that transphobic comments can and will be posted if you make them. You have a 1st Amendment right to free speech. But as the people being negatively affected by your hate speech and transphobic ideology, we have the same 1st Amendment right to rebut it and document that you said it.”

One thought on ““TERF Tracker” Allison Woolbert @TransHarmTrack & Register-Her (USA)”

  1. Well, it’s not up and running yet, apart from the homepage. It looks like a website from 1997. I do find this disturbing: “deny them a venue in your groups, in your Facebook and Twitter space helps keep down the spread of the harms and the maliciousness that they perpetrate on trans-folk everywhere.”
    So basically, we can have free speech so long as nobody can hear us? Oh well… I’m used to being marginalized by men, so this isn’t anything new. They get so excited about every little “victory” over women, that they fail to realize that women know all about this shit and they’re not really shocked about it. Oh? What’s that? Men wanting to take away our basic rights and make sure we can’t talk to each other? Tell me something I don’t know. Treating gender identity politics like a war in which there are winners and losers is redundant because in gendered environments, women always lose. They don’t need to be put on a list, harassed, threatened, assaulted, or slandered to lose. I know I’m fucked and I still show up for work every day with a smile on my face. I know I’m braver than a grown-ass het man crying into his pillow because someone misgendered him and threatening women on the internet.

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