Emily Dievendorf is a bisexual who is the executive director of Equality Michigan, the statewide GLBT equality group.  Dievendorf has taken the unprecedented step of using her organization – which is supposed to fight for legal rights for GLBT people – to attack a women’s music festival held on private land and predominantly attended by Lesbians. This aggressive action against the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival is unprecedented in the history of the GLBT rights movement.
Dievendorf also relies on smear tactics such as labeling groups like Gender Identity Watch and blogs like GenderTrender that object to transgenderism as “hate groups.” As a bisexual, Dievendorf does not object to engaging sexually with males. Dievendorf seems horrifically ignorant to the demands placed on Lesbians by Transwomen, including the demand that we submit sexually to them or face being labelled “transphobic.” We encourage Dievendorf to examine the ramifications of a statewide equality group being used to further terrorize Lesbians.
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