The cotton ceiling is a rape culture concept promulgated by predatory Males such as Drew Deveaux, Savannah Garmon, Morgan PageTobi Hill-Meyer and Parker “Chad” Molloy.  The premise of the cotton ceiling is that Lesbians – who are Women who desire romantic, emotional, sexual and physical relationships with other Women – are bigots for not wanting to have those relationships with Men who identify as Women. The concept of the cotton ceiling is well-documented, and rapeist transwomen continue to promulgate this concept to this day.  Most recently, Lily Cade, a lesbian porn performer, was attacked for not wanting to engage in porn performances with transwomen.
Concurrently, Men whose activism consists of pretending to be Women on the Internet push the idea that either Lesbians “invented” the cotton ceiling or that it is not a phenomenon happening on the GLBT community.
This is public Gaslighting.
We see you. And we see your rape culture movement.
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