Men’s Rights Activists who identify as women claim to have “doxxed” people who allegedly are part of Gender Identity Watch. Most of the Women “doxxed” are not part of Gender Identity Watch, but simply commented on our Facebook posts. The “doxx” was apparently perpetrated by Allison Woolbert, a man angry at Gender Identity Watch for our observation that his Trans Violence Tracking Portal does not, in fact, name the perpetrators of violence against trans people and instead is a propaganda tool to bludgeon Women into accepting that transwomen are female. Woolbert also claims to have been “outed” by this blog even though (1) he is out as a transwoman and (2) he has spoken publicly about his male existence.  Woolbert “shared” a conversation he had with one of the people erroneously identified as a member of this collective on the doxxing blog (we are not linking to the doxxing blog, but we have screencapped the relevant sections).  If he did not perpetrate the doxx, Woolbert certainly knows who did. Here is a screenshot of the properties of the shared conversation, which identify Woolbert as the author of the document.  You can download the document here and check the properties yourself. Capture MRA Daryl “Sophia” Banks also spread this doxx to his 9,000+ followers on Twitter, thus demonstrating again that he is willing to lie in his quest to eliminate women-only space.  Daryl is known for, among other things, impersonating lesbian feminist Cathy Brennan on Twitter. Daryl later deleted the tweet. scuymbag daryl
We also note that half of the doxxing blog includes a blog post by Katherine Middleton that appeared on a different blog and not on Gender Identity Watch. You can read Katherine’s blog post here.  The author of the doxxing blog expresses surprise that Gender Identity Watch has transgender supporters. This is a common refrain among male supremacist transgender women, who cannot understand that there are transgender women who actually prioritize WOMEN.
We count these transgender women among our staunchest allies and are grateful for their continued support.
The doxx refers to a “Kelsie Darko” as the person who authored this blog post. Kelsie is apparently associated with a group called Tranarchy as well as MRAs Andi Dier and Laurelai Bailey. Kelsie takes credit for the doxx on his Facebook page.

Andi Dier and Kelsie Darko
Andi Dier and Kelsie Darko