Tia Michelle Pesando @TiamatMichelle @TiamatReborn (Canada)

Tia Michelle Pesando is a Man who identifies as a Woman, formerly called Ted. He is working on convincing the Catholic Church to admit him as a Carmelite nun. Given that nuns occupy women-only space, we look forward to seeing how the Catholic Church treats his request.
His YouTube videos are actually hilarious. Prior to wanting to nun, Ted seemed deeply invested in gaming culture. It seems Ted has been living a magical life online for two decades; it is not surprising he is now “transgender.”

Before deciding to be a nun, he was a model.
Before deciding to be a nun, he was a model.

He also has a band!!!
He also has a band!!!

Tia has also written a (self-published) book.
Transgender Woman Prepares to Enter Carmelite Convent _ Bondings 2.
Call to religious life strong for transgender Londoner _ CTV London News.

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  1. I was wondering just the other day what would happe if a female bodied transgender person said they wanted to be ordained as a catholic priest

  2. One article states,
    “Born a hermaphrodite – somebody with hormones and at times biological parts of both genders – she says she always felt trapped.”
    The correct term is disorder of sexual development, or intersex. These are rare genetic conditions that can be diagnosed with genetic testing or other medical tests. They didn’t mention what DSD this individual was diagnosed with,. Or, they could be confusing DSD (intersex) with transgender. Trans activists are intentionally confusing DSD and transgender.
    “Pope Francis has made huge strides with the gay community, preaching for greater inclusion and acceptance of homosexuals. This in part has helped to fuel her decision. She says the time is right for a transgender nun.”
    A biological male IS NOT A NUN.

    1. Yes, as far as I understand the word hermaphrodite is used when one talks about plants, I don’t even know if that term is of correct use there either, but is pretty common I’ve seen. But for mammals, such as humans, nope.

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