Leanne Webb, Wicked Campers
Leanne Webb, Wicked Campers

Australia feminist Paula Orbea launched a campaign that went viral against Wicked Campers, a rental van company in Australia with fans that feature degrading slogans about women on them.  Orbea also started an online petition to pressure the company to take vehicles featuring phrases such as “in every princess there is a little slut who wants to try it just once” off the road for good. We hope that Orbea puts this company out of business.
The company “defended” itself through Leanne Webb, formerly known as Liam.
Liam Webb

“We don’t try to be controversial. It’s not our goal. We just do what we love and just have fun,” Webb, 24, said in an interview with SBS News. “We have all kinds of people of all kinds of orientation, of all kinds of races and everything like that, including myself as well.”
Webb – a man who now apparently “identifies as” a woman – also claims he is gay. Watch Webb speak here. It is a must see video.
Misogynists benefit from transgenderism in at least two ways. One, transgender women perform and validate the rankest stereotypes about women in order to “be women.” Two, misogynists can pretend that “a woman” agrees with their misogyny, even though “the woman” is actually a man like Webb.
Wicked Campers removed its Facebook page but you can read a cached copy here.
We don’t try to be controversial, says Wicked Campers _ SBS News.