backLewis Stevens is a man who identifies as a woman he calls Lennea Elizabeth Stevens. In 2008, he was charged with possession of child pornography as specified above. He eventually pleaded guilty to one count and is currently serving an 87-month term at a federal prison in Florida. The Sylvia Rivera Law Project is now giving a white convicted child sex offender a blogging platform as he details his “transition” while incarcerated and the problems he has being a “woman” in a man’s prison. You can read his first two blog posts, where he does not mention why he is in prison, here and here.
Given that the SRLP has a specific focus on the over representation of transwomen of color in the prison system, it is surprising that they would give this platform to a white child sex offender who pleaded guilty to his crime.  It is also disturbing that they are publishing his address with an invitation that people write him, given the significant youth following the SRLP has.

GLBT organizations have often rallied behind convicted murderers of women or sex offenders, so long as they identify as Gay or Transgender, including Robert Kosilek and Scott Konitzer.
Stevens Indictment.
Stevens Motion (Note the Inmate ID).
Stevens Sentencing Memorandum.