Anthony Casebeer (USA)

Anthony Casebeer is a heterosexual crossdresser who was forced to resign from the Kentucky Fairness Alliance in 2011 after threatening to murder Cathy Brennan.
Kentucky Fairness Campaign’s Anthony G.
When Our Means Aren’t As Pure As The Ends We Seek _ Pam’s House Blend.
TransGriot_ Another Apology To Cathy.
Threats of Violence By Trans Advocates Must Be Condemned _ The Bilerico Project.

3 thoughts on “Anthony Casebeer (USA)”

  1. It’s just not Brennan, and it’s not only coming from Casebeer. Any woman can be branded a “TERF”.
    “slowly and horrendously murder terfs in saw-like torture machines and contraptions”
    “I’m going to kill all terfs…just slit all their throats”
    “what a wonderful day for killing terfs”
    “remember kids. it’s not murder if the victim is a terf”
    “i would literally kill a terf”
    “kill terfs 2k14”
    By the way, what ever happened to Casebeer?

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