In the Pink and Black #6 zine issue, the publishers included the following description of the vandalism left at one of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival 2010 kitchens:
“August 7. Hart , MI: Vandalism at Michfest This year at MichFest, the words “Real Womyn Have Cocks” were painted on the MichFest kitchen and other damage was allegedly done to MichFest property. A flyer was distributed with the following text: ‘Second-Wave ‘Feminists’, A hot load from my monstrous tranny-cock embodies womanhood more than the pieces of menstral (sic) art your transphobic cunts could ever hope to create. Love, Womyn-born-Monsters”
_Let the Trans Women Speak!__ A Response to Camp Trans 2010 _ Anarchist news dot org.
Pink and Black #6 zine issue.