Transwomen at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (USA)



In the Pink and Black #6 zine issue, the publishers included the following description of the vandalism left at one of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival 2010 kitchens:

“August 7. Hart , MI: Vandalism at Michfest This year at MichFest, the words “Real Womyn Have Cocks” were painted on the MichFest kitchen and other damage was allegedly done to MichFest property. A flyer was distributed with the following text: ‘Second-Wave ‘Feminists’, A hot load from my monstrous tranny-cock embodies womanhood more than the pieces of menstral (sic) art your transphobic cunts could ever hope to create. Love, Womyn-born-Monsters”

_Let the Trans Women Speak!__ A Response to Camp Trans 2010 _ Anarchist news dot org.

Pink and Black #6 zine issue.


One thought on “Transwomen at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (USA)

  1. I’m pretty sure this won’t see the light of day but AS a trans woman, my opinion is that anyone who IS a trans woman and represents themselves as crazy artificial bitchez deserve to be locked out of somewhere. Perhaps they miss one or two salient points, like……..

    Michigan is a private event and they are under no obligation to allow anyone in who isn’t a friend of the owner. Yes, that means you crazy bitches, using incorrect grammar to make your privileged point. Not all of us want to bust the doors down, and not all of us are anxious to put ourselves so far over the line that there is no redemption.

    Camp Trans is there because there always seems to be someone who feels that their right to bust in somewhere super cedes someone else’s right to feel safe. WTF? And putting up a poster with a very questionable message, along with some fairly obnoxious graffiti, is NOT the way to start a dialog. How stoopid are you?

    If the womyn IN the Michigan Festival are EVER going to invite ANY trans women in, it won’t be you confrontational, thuggish, self-indulgent idjits, While I predict that someday it may happen, you won’t be a part of it because all your sickening antics do is strengthen the resolve on Lisa Vogel and her friends AGAINST the mere idea of allowing trans women in.

    I’m no uncle Tom, and I am certainly not selling trans women (in general) out but when you all show up shouting about THAT right, I’m embarrassed for the rest of us. So whining, get some big girl panties and grow a pair!

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