“TERF Tracker” Allison Woolbert @TransHarmTrack & Register-Her (USA)

Allison Woolbert is a heterosexual man formerly called Dennis Wayne Woolbert who identifies as a woman and has inserted himself in the lives of Gay and Lesbian people by demanding that we see him as a woman. Because of this, he established a registry of people who reject his politics called the “TERF Tracker.”
Woolbert’s effort is eerily similar to Register-Her, a project of a Voice for Men. Continue reading ““TERF Tracker” Allison Woolbert @TransHarmTrack & Register-Her (USA)”

Beth Sherouse @ACLS1919 & @HRC (USA)

Beth Sherouse
Beth Sherouse is an  American Council of Learned Societies (“ACLS) Public Fellow. She currently is staffed as “Senior Content Manager” at the Human Rights Campaign.  She started her position this month and will be there for two years. She recently penned a blog post for the HRC website – because this is her job as “Senior Content Manager” –  stating that although she never has been to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, she opposes it because Men cannot come.
It is blatantly obvious that the Human Rights Campaign is pandering to the Transgender community with this blog post. This blog post does not represent HRC policy, as the organization would not delegate such a policy declaration to a fellow who has been with the organization for two weeks.
The Human Rights Campaign should be ashamed of itself for this meaningless political stunt that will do nothing except inflame tensions between lesbians and Men who identify as Women.

Emily Dievendorf @Equality_MI @Moxie4More & #michfest (USA)

Emily Dievendorf is a bisexual who is the executive director of Equality Michigan, the statewide GLBT equality group.  Dievendorf has taken the unprecedented step of using her organization – which is supposed to fight for legal rights for GLBT people – to attack a women’s music festival held on private land and predominantly attended by Lesbians. This aggressive action against the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival is unprecedented in the history of the GLBT rights movement. Continue reading “Emily Dievendorf @Equality_MI @Moxie4More & #michfest (USA)”

"TERF Registry Tracker" and Allison Woolbert @TransHarmTrack

Allison Woolbert is a heterosexual man who identifies as a woman and has inserted himself in the lives of Gay and Lesbian people by demanding that we see him as a woman. Because of this, he proposes to establish a registry of people who reject his politics called the “TERF Registry Tracker.”
How Orwellian! 
This is only the latest attempt by men to silence women’s speech by creating tracking lists. A number of Men’s Right’s Activists also use the Block Bot to label women who have non-male supremacist views.
Controlling Men naming women as heretics is not new.

Cotton Ceiling Deniers (Internet)

The cotton ceiling is a rape culture concept promulgated by predatory Males such as Drew Deveaux, Savannah Garmon, Morgan PageTobi Hill-Meyer and Parker “Chad” Molloy.  The premise of the cotton ceiling is that Lesbians – who are Women who desire romantic, emotional, sexual and physical relationships with other Women – are bigots for not wanting to have those relationships with Men who identify as Women. The concept of the cotton ceiling is well-documented, and rapeist transwomen continue to promulgate this concept to this day.  Most recently, Lily Cade, a lesbian porn performer, was attacked for not wanting to engage in porn performances with transwomen.
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Pullum v. Elola (USA)

Larry Pullum was born a man and suffers from a sexuality and gender identity disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. He sometimes dresses as a woman and, when he was arrested in Davidson County, Tennessee, he was dressed in female clothing. On March 7, 2014, Pullum was transported to the Dickson County Jail, where he is currently incarcerated. An officer at the Davidson County Jail gave Pullum male clothing to wear for transport but the female clothing and undergarments were sent with Pullum. When Pullum arrived at the Dickson County Jail, he informed the booking officer, David Elola, of his gender disorder and asked Elola not to reveal this information to others, fearing for his safety. Instead, Elola “pulled out [his] dress and bra and held them up for everyone to see.” Officer Elola told him, “They should have made you wear them.” Pullum was subsequently assaulted. Pullum filed a lawsuit for civil rights violations, which a federal court in Tennessee correctly allowed to proceed.
Pullum v. Elola.

Andy Bowen @andymbowen @GSEquality (USA)

Bowen GSE file photo
Andy Bowen is a man who identifies as a woman. Bowen was recently named executive director of New Jersey’s statewide GLBT rights group, Garden State Equality. Prior to this position, Bowen worked in the District of Columbia to ensure the destruction of women-only space.  Specifically, Bowen targeted a homelss shelter that provided refuge for vulnerable women because the shelter did not house male-bodied transwomen. Bowen reflects the mindset of many transgender activists to discount and ignore the concerns of women who do not want to share sex-segregated space with males. Such forced inclusion often results in sexual assault of actual women by the men who identify as women, as demonstrated by the Christopher Hambrook and Paris Green cases.
Transgender activist Bowen named executive director of Garden State Equality _ Politicker NJ.
D.C. Shelter Accused of Rejecting Trans Women.
DC shelter accused of rejecting trans women.

.@LadyPJustice @lizzwinstead @ParkerMolloy (USA)

Lady Parts Justice is a pro-choice project started by Lizz Winstead, a liberal feminist who believes transwomen are women. Her project has been criticised by Chad “Parker” Molloy, a heterosexual man who now identifies as a lesbian, for daring to refer to women’s reproductive anatomy as “lady parts.” Chad pushes the lie that his penis is a “lady part.”
Transgender activists prioritise controlling women’s speech, including the speech of liberals like Winstead and Martha Plimpton who publicly regurgitate the lie that transwomen are women.
Lady Parts_ How the euphemism reinforces biology as destiny.

Chad is male.
Chad is male.