It’s been really disappointing in the recent week to see FB launch a seemingly full scale attack on Feminist and gender critical discourse at the behest of Trans Activist. Gender Identity watch, and Gender Identity Watch: Reloaded (Now to be found at Gender Dysmorphia Mafia)have both been removed from Facebook’s site for “hate Speech”. Because today “Hate speech” is going against a narrative that seeks to preserved heteronormative culture and gender norms. No one is allowed to state how gender harms them, and how gender is especially harmful to females. When women do choose to speak about this unique reality, they are met with the usual slew of death and rape threats, and even threats of doxxing from powerhouses in the LGBT community like The Trans Advocate, who recently threatened to out the females (and tellingly only females.) of GIW.  It’s in ways worrisome, due to the fact that there…

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