Die in a fire” is a common refrain among transgender activists. It is typically spoken to women who object to the idea that “being a woman” is a matter of identifying with stereotypes associated with women.  This is a violent statement that ignores the reality that Women have been burned at the stake for centuries, as well as the modern horrors of women burned to death across the world. For example, Bride Burning is a phenomenon, mostly in Southeast Asia, in which the groom or his family kills the bride due to dissatisfaction over the amount or duration of the dowry. Kerosene is most often used as the fuel.
Recently, Yaz’min Shancez, a transgender woman of color, was found shot and burned to death in Southwest Florida. We are hopeful that this act against a vulnerable member of the transgender community – which we will speculate was committed by a man (as most of these acts are) – will perhaps give trans activists pause the next time they want to tell someone to “die in a fire.”
We sincerely hope that law enforcement arrests the people responsible for this heinous crime.
Vigil to be held Sunday in honor of transgender victim.