Dyke March London @dykemarch (UK)

Dyke March London is an event that features male “lesbians” like Sarah Brown, known most famously for referring to the crust created by his surgical hole as “Bindel” after radical feminist Julie Bindel.
Dyke March London represents the trend of modern “Dyke Marches,” which have nothing to do with Actual Dykes and instead prioritize the male experience of lesbianism.
Here is what Sarah Brown thinks of Women.
His woman-hatred is not unusual among male “lesbians.”

4 thoughts on “Dyke March London @dykemarch (UK)”

  1. i am speechless……. women, lesbian women, totally love vaginas and all of the woman. what we do not desire is men, the male body, the penis, the hormones of maleness

  2. This kind of transgenderism is a way for men to take over the womens movement. It’s funny/tragic/very very odd that more women don’t realize this.
    But modern US femininism has been retreating into traditional femininity so of course they defer to men on the question of who’s a woman.

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