Keawe v. Hawaii Dept. of Public Safety (USA)


Kelli Keawe, an office assistant with the Hawaii Dept. of Public Safety, sued the state alleging discrimination for physically being a man but identifying as a woman. Keawe claims being treated differently by being told to use just one restroom in the building.

Transgender employee sues state for discrimination _ KHON2.

2 thoughts on “Keawe v. Hawaii Dept. of Public Safety (USA)

  1. get over yourself. there is so much wrong in this world stop using up precious resources all because you were given leave to use a bathroom on your jobsite. what were you expecting? a golden throne to sit on? this lawsuit is frivolous

    • I don’t agree. Bathroom use is a significant term and condition of employment. Everyone deserves a safe and comfortable place to do their business while at work.

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