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Tim Johnston is a man who has declared that it’s time for women to stop objecting to the misogynistic ideology of transgenderism. He is also a manager of SAGE USA, which is frightening for Older Lesbians (which, by the way, includes Sheila Jeffreys).
Johnston suggests that “(w)hen we abandon our attachment to either sex or gender identity we can more clearly see the experiences we share and let those experiences form the basis of a coalition.”
Johnston wants Women to “abandon” the fact that we are oppressed from birth based on our biology in order to serve Men, who are not oppressed at all based on sex.
Tim R Johnston.
New Statesman _ It’s time to end divisive rhetoric on sex and gender and create a trans-inclusive feminism.

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  1. This is one of the comments and it’s spot on!
    “Man tells everyone to ignore a woman talking about stuff that’s important to women. How original”
    Is this supposed to be something new? Men have been telling women how they should think for thousands of years. Yawn! I could fall asleep. It’s the same old same old, but now it’s all new and progressive. They just go about telling women to ignore their thoughts and opinions in a different way.
    This is Mr. Johnston’s background, and he gets to tell lesbians and ALL WOMEN how they should think. Isn’t Sheila Jeffreys a lesbian? Jeffreys needs to be scolded by a male half her age.
    “Tim Johnston is the Manager of Education and Training for SAGE’s National Resource Center on LGBT Aging. He is responsible for coordinating nationwide trainings about the needs of LGBT older adults for aging providers and LGBT organizations, developing training curricula, and tracking training outcomes and evaluations.
    Tim has a PhD in Philosophy, with a focus on Women’s and Gender Studies”
    Mr. Johnston identifies as a “cis gay male”. He bashes feminists, but has a PhD in philosophy, “with a focus on Women’s and Gender Studies”. What does he know about women, and why does he feel compelled to tell women how they should feel?
    “Cisgender people must realise that a trans woman did not become a woman after transitioning, she has always been a woman, and because she is a woman she deserves access to women-only spaces.”
    Males are not female, and most people are just being polite. No rational person thinks that serial killer suspect Douglas, “Donna”, Perry is a woman. They don’t think that transgender registered sex offender Paula Witherspoon is a woman either. No one thinks that Colleen (Clay Scott) Francis is female. Secretly, most people think it’s all a joke, This was forced on us.
    Despite what Mr. Johnston thinks, Males HAVE NO RIGHT TO ACCESS WOMEN-ONLY SPACES. Women have a right to personal privacy.
    First of all, why does Mr. Tim Johnston think he has the right to tell women how they should feel? Second, “gender identity” laws have already placed girls and women at risk and violated their right fundamental right to personal privacy.
    Why was Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook allowed in the women’s shelter where he sexually assaulted homeless women?
    TORONTO – A convicted sexual predator who falsely claimed to be transgender and preyed on women at two Toronto shelters could be declared a dangerous offender this month.
    Christopher Hambrook — who claimed to be a transgender woman named Jessica — has attacked four vulnerable females between the ages of five and 53 in Montreal and Toronto over the past 12 years.
    Justice John McMahon will decide Feb. 26 whether to declare Hambrook a dangerous offender, which carries an indefinite prison sentence.
    The prosecution is asserting Hambrook, a former stripper and escort from Quebec, simply cannot control his deviant sexual urges and that locking him up indefinitely is the best way to protect the public.
    Hambrook, 37, pleaded guilty in February 2013 to two counts of sexual assault and one count of criminal harassment involving two women — a deaf and homeless Quebec woman and a Toronto survivor of domestic violence — while he was living at a Dundas St. W. shelter and the Fred Victor women’s shelter in January and February 2012.
    All of the victims’ names are covered by a publication ban.
    Psychiatric and court records portrayed Hambrook as “hypersexual” and a sexual predator.
    He couldn’t control his deviant urges, inside or outside of jail, sharing his sick sexual fantasies and irritating other inmates during a four-year prison sentence served in Quebec and Kingston.
    He told grandiose lies, saying he once had a relationship with socialite Paris Hilton, earned $350,000 as an exotic dancer and that his mom died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
    A self-described “heart breaker,” Hambrook said he’s had more than 80 male sexual partners in his lifetime, including “johns” in his prostitute days and that other inmates “made advances to him rather than vice-versa,” court heard.
    After moving to Toronto in 2009, he boasted that he’d received more than 800 e-mails from old Montreal friends “begging him to come home” for sex and shopping sprees.
    His latest crimes revealed a continuing trend of exploiting the vulnerable — this time women living at shelters.
    The first victim, a deaf and homeless woman from Quebec, checked into the Fred Victor shelter on Jan. 8, 2012. Hambrook had been staying there as “Jessica” since Dec. 23, 2011. She was soon terrorized by Hambrook’s unwanted advances.
    Hambrook wrote notes to the woman in French and learned both were smokers. Then, his notes took a creepy turn.
    “He asked her if she preferred men and if she wanted a sex change. She started to feel uncomfortable around ‘Jessica’ and was nervous about her behaviour,” said Crown attorney Danielle Carbonneau, reading an agreed statement of facts when Hambrook entered his guilty plea in February 2013.
    Hambrook made several unwanted sexual advances toward the woman over the next two or three days. He tried to isolate her in various rooms and she kept rebuffing him as she felt he was stalking her, court heard.
    Hambrook stopped her once, grabbed her hand and placed it on his crotch. She yanked her hand away and said, “No.” Hambrook started talking about her breasts and invited her to touch his “fake breasts (he had none).” She became scared and had trouble sleeping as his room was across the hall.
    The next day while she was in the shower, she noticed he was peering through the gap between the door and its frame. Hambrook vanished as soon as he realized she spotted him, court heard.
    The second victim sought refuge at a Dundas St. W. shelter on Feb. 11, 2012, after suffering serious domestic abuse, court heard.
    She remained there two weeks. Hambrook — who told people he was a transgender woman — was admitted there at the same time and ended up being his victim’s roommate.
    Hambrook was sitting on a third-floor balcony, smoking a cigarette, when the victim went outside for a smoke. He invited her to sit beside him. When she did, he placed his hand on the bench so the woman would sit on it. She rose quickly, asking him what he was doing and he replied, “It’s a bum warmer. It’s also a boob warmer.” Troubled by his comments, she went inside.
    When the victim found Hambrook was one of her three roommates, she had trouble sleeping. On Feb. 12, she left the shelter, consumed some drugs and returned to sleep.
    Early on Feb. 13, she awoke to discover Hambrook standing behind her in his underwear, attempting to sexually assault her.
    The victim shouted at him, demanding to know what he was doing. Hambrook “simply covered his face with his hands, said “Oops!” and started giggling, according to Carbonneau.
    The woman reported the assault to police and Hambrook has been in custody since. His DNA was found on her nightwear.
    Shortly after his mother died in Montreal in February 2002, Hambrook committed the first of his sex crimes by sexually assaulted a family friend’s five-year-old daughter. While on bail waiting for courts to deal with charges laid for that crime, he targeted a 27-year-old mentally challenged woman, by sexually assaulting her in his home and forcing her to smoke a joint.
    Hambrook received two years in jail for each of those crimes, for a total of four years.
    “He had no empathy, no remorse or understanding of his victims of his offences,” Toronto psychiatrist Dr. Treena Wilkie said in her assessment.
    In childhood, Hambrook was diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and never made it through high school.
    Wilkie diagnosed him with an anti-social personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, determined he was dependent on alcohol and drugs and had multiple sexual deviancies. He was rated as a high risk to re-offend sexually.
    Hambrook was earlier assessed as suffering from bisexual pedophilia and exhibitionism.
    He blamed his heavy drug use or his victims for his Montreal crimes. He stated the five-year-oldm victoim’s mother “had the hots for him” but he rejected her. The mom fabricated the crime to spite him, said Hambrook, despite pleading guilty to the crimes.
    He asserted the mentally-challenged woman consented to sex.
    In his psychiatric assessment, Hambrook provided conflicting information on his gender identity issue. He lied that he had been receiving hormone treatment for many years and lied that he wanted to pursue a sex change. He admitted he only dressed intermittently in women’s clothing and wanted to remain a man and have a relationship with a woman.
    Psychiatric reports concluded Hambrook is not transgender. (***He called himself “Jessica” and identified as transgender. Under loosely written “gender identity” laws, all that is required is self-identification.)
    “Mr. Hambrook’s conduct inflicted severe psychological damage on both victims,” said Carbonneau. “(They) sought refuge at Toronto women’s shelters at difficult times in their lives. They thought that they would be safe there, but instead, they were further victimized by the accused.”
    This blatant abuse of “gender identity” laws happened at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. The mother of a seventeen year old girl complained that a male exposed himself in the women’s sauna and locker room. Below is a link to the actual campus police report. Because they can’t “mis-gender” anyone, even if he still has a penis, the campus police report states, “her legs open with her male genitalia showing.” This is how insane it’s become.
    KIORTV OLYMPIA, Wash. — October 2012
    A transgender woman said she was discriminated against after using the women’s locker room at Evergreen State College. Colleen Francis was using the sauna in a women’s locker room inside the recreation center at the school late in September.
    The same facility is used by two high school girls swim teams from Olympia, who also practice in the pool.
    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Deborah Horne spoke with Francis about the incident in which a woman told her to leave.
    “I looked at her and said, ‘Excuse me?’ And she said, ‘You have to leave, I’ll be right back,’” said Francis. “She wouldn’t identify herself. All she said was that there were a couple of girls that came upstairs to the pool, and said that there was a man in the sauna.”
    Francis, who acknowledges she was born a man, said she lived as a woman since 2009.
    Someone still called campus police, and local parents heard about the incident.
    “They’re uncomfortable with him being in there, her, being in there and are shocked by it,” said parent Kristi Holterman.
    Holterman’s daughter was one of the swimmers and complained to Evergreen.
    Officials at the school told KIRO 7 that they have been working with the Olympia School District, which leases space at the pool.
    According to state law, it requires equal access to state facilities regardless of gender identity.
    Local school officials said they came up with a temporary solution.
    “There’s a smaller locker room next to the main locker room at the pool, and they (the swim teams) have been using that,” said Ryan Betz, a spokesman for the Olympia School District.
    Francis believes the students need to be informed.
    “This is not 1959 Alabama. We don’t call police for drinking from the wrong water fountain,” said Francis.
    A parent told KIRO 7 that she is more concerned that her daughter and teammates have a safe and comfortable place to swim.”
    Please note that under sex it says, “F”. At the time of this incident, Francis definitely had male genitalia. Scroll on down and see where it says, “her male genitalia”. Yes, this campus police report says, “her legs open with her male genitalia showing “. This is how insane “gender identity” laws have become. For those unfamiliar with this incident, Francis is a retired military man who was married a couple of times and has children. At the time of this campus police report, he was taking classes at Evergreen State College.
    Below is another example of “gender identity” laws running rough shod over the privacy rights of women. This happened recently in Canada which also has “gender identity” laws. This particular woman is elderly, but what makes people think that teenage boys who are usually more irresponsible than adults wouldn’t try the same thing? If anything, teenage boys are usually more careless and irresponsible than adults. We are supposed to pretend that males exposing themselves and then claiming “gender identity” will never happen again.
    “I am a senior woman. Recently, a “man” claiming to be transgender, who had not yet begun physical treatments, was permitted by our local Y to use the women’s locker room. There are no secure change rooms. The person they allowed in was not courteous and stared at me while I struggled out of a wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and playfully asked ‘do you come here often?’ I understand that gender is no longer judged solely by genitalia, but does a brief contact with the duty manager mean that men not yet committed to gender reassignment are free to disrobe anywhere they choose?”
    It didn’t take long for women to respond. An excellent response to this article entitled, “Trans rights trump women’s rights” was posted online.
    Transgender man’s ogling behaviour unacceptable, Jan. 4
    “Ontarians accept that it is a challenging life for people with transgendered identities, which is why providing a reasonable alternative via the use of separate unisex bathrooms or change rooms seems to be a reasonable course of action to assist such individuals. Why is this reasonable and simple accommodation not enough for the minuscule minority of transgendered individuals among the millions of Ontarians?
    Our “decision-makers” at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal have decided for all Ontarians that it’s not enough for a trans person to view himself as the opposite sex — the whole world must be forced to share his subjective view, too.
    The new transgender bathroom policy has affirmed that the vast majority of Ontarian women and men are not entitled to the protection of the Human Rights Code as much as transsexuals are. What about the feelings, discomfort, and safety of the millions of girls and women in Ontario who are now forced to undress in the same change room with a pre-operation phenotypic male, who may claim to be transsexual? (***does this sound familiar)
    Do our rights get trumped because an individual subjectively “feels” female even though he may still have a penis, and be more than happy to show it off? Did the OHRT consult Ontarians regarding their decision?
    I am concerned that sexually predatory men will take advantage of the new bill by claiming they are transsexual in order to freely access any women’s washroom in the province. The guaranteed consequences of this bill are that many girls and women will definitely be victimized as a result.
    Mr. Gallinger’s article suggests that this is already happening — hardly a surprise — and the trend will likely increase because there are no legal consequences for any predatory individuals who behave in this way. A predator banned from one facility simply has to go down the road to another.
    Mr. Gallinger bemoans the predatory behaviour that one poor woman was forced to endure, while actively supporting a system that allows such predatory behaviour to flourish. Far more women than trans people stand to feel invaded and helpless by such behaviour as there are likely far more sexually predatory individuals out there than transgendered people — predatory individuals who will be delighted to put on a dress (or not even that) in order to access women’s bathrooms and change rooms under the guise of being self-identified as “transgendered.”
    Although a transgendered person may feel s/he has the “right” to be in a women’s change room, what about the feelings of the phenotypic females who may not wish a phenotypic male to be in that washroom?
    We women are entitled to the protection of the Human Rights Code, just like anyone else. Exactly how many transsexual people are there for whom we are risking the safety and security of our roughly 6.8 million girls and women?”
    Daniela Caruso, Toronto

  2. “The book is poorly researched and argued, and is not a meaningful contribution to feminist theory.”
    Please keep in mind that this statement is coming from a man. In other words, men get to decide what is “meaningful feminist theory” because women are just too plain stupid to know what is good for them.
    Professor Jeffreys has written extensively about important subjects that impact the lives of women such as prostitution and the sex trafficking of women.
    “When we abandon our attachment to either sex or gender identity we can more clearly see the experiences we share and let those experiences form the basis of a coalition.”
    Mr. Johnston is only talking about his coalition and particular political views. He identifies as a cis gay man. What “coalition” is he talking about? Women have our own needs, and we are half the population. The women’s vote was instrumental in putting Obama in the White House twice.
    Considering rape and sexual assault statistics, rampant sexual harassment, prostitution and sex trafficking, and thousands of years of discrimination, how can women easily abandon their attachment to their sex?
    Apparently, Mr. Tim Johnston has no opinion on the sterilization of children through GnRH agonists and cross gender hormones. Professor Jeffreys addresses this ethical issue in “Gender Hurts”.
    Finally, does Johnston know that the government of Iran uses sex reassignment surgery as a way to deal with its homosexual problem, and credible sources say that gay men and lesbians have been coerced into sex reassignment surgery. Why would one of the most oppressive countries on earth pay for sex reassignment surgery yet execute homosexuals?

  3. Two gay men gave us AB1266 which eviscerated the privacy rights of girls. Now, they are telling lesbians and ALL WOMEN how we should think.

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