Natalie Reed @nataliereed84 (Canada)

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Natalie Reed is a man in Canada who prioritizes terrorizing a rape shelter because it doesn’t cater to men. Reed also wants to “out” the blogger Gallus Mag.

Natalie Reed (nataliereed84) on Twitter.

Twitter : nataliereed84: @sophiaphotos @Transfeminazgul ….

One thought on “Natalie Reed @nataliereed84 (Canada)

  1. So, let me undersand this. They repeatedly engage is some of the most vile hate speech imaginably including statements like “slowly and horrendously murder terfs in saw like torture machines”. Then, they claim that they are poor, misunderstood victims.

    “i’m going to kill all terfs. just. slit all their throats”

    “i would literally kill a terf”

    “remember kids, it’s not murder if the victim is a terf!”

    (look at the photo with the guy with a knife and smirk on his face….”fetch me a terf”)

    This is the latest threats, and there isn’t room enough on this blog to list them all.

    We know which way the hate speech and threats of violence are coming from.

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