Eryn Brown & McDonald's (USA)

CaptureEryn Brown staged a public boycott Saturday after he said he was denied entry to the women’s restroom at the McDonald’s on Broad Street near Boulevard several times in Richmond, Virginia. Brown is a transgender woman.
Brown said he does not feel safe using the men’s bathroom.
“That’s something that all transwomen face,” she said. “Violence and possibly getting raped.”
Brown had no comment about women not wanting him to use the women’s restroom.

One thought on “Eryn Brown & McDonald's (USA)”

  1. “That’s something that all transwomen face,” she said. “Violence and possibly getting raped.”
    Transwomen are biological males who may or may not still have their male genitalia left intact. They offend at the same rate as other males.
    Women experience these real threats of rape and violence ALL THE TIME.
    It kind of goes like this. IF YOU LET ONE IN, YOU HAVE TO LET ALL OF THEM IN. Sooner or later you are going to have a Paula Witherspoon (transgender registered sex offender who molested a girl)
    Here is his mugshot on the Texas Registry of Sex Offenders
    He was ticketed for using a women’s restroom, and even when it was revealed that he is registered sex offender, this didn’t stop trans activists from defending his delusional belief that he has a right to share a restroom with girls about the same age that he molested.
    Or, a creepy middle aged man that just likes to walk around nude in front of teenage girls. Twenty years ago, men like Colleen Francis would have been arrested. Now, they claim “gender identity” and get by with exposing their genitals to teenage girls.
    Ask Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook’s victims what they think of males having access to women’s shelters? What was a sexual predator doing in a women’s shelter to begin with? Transgender activists and their lawyers would have been wailing to high heaven “gender identity” if poor “Jessica” wasn’t granted access to the women’s shelters.
    This is my suggestion. Make males responsible for their own behavior instead of throwing open the door to the women’s restroom to every male in a skirt.

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