Cruz v. Zucker (USA)

A lawsuit filed against New York state seeks Medicaid coverage for transgender people seeking what they consider to be life-saving health treatments, including gender change procedures.
The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Manhattan against the state health commissioner, seeks class-action status on behalf of people seeking hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery.
A similar federal lawsuit was thrown out in 2008 by a Manhattan judge who said the state had sufficiently explained its rejection of such reimbursement in 1998.
The judge noted that the state cited serious complications from the surgeries and danger from life-long administration of estrogen and testosterone.
The new lawsuit challenges the state on fresh legal grounds, including under the Affordable Care Act, and says scientific evidence now conclusively proves the treatments are safe and effective.
BREAKING_ SRLP Sues NY State DOH for Medicaid’s Exclusion of Transgender Healthcare _ SRLP (Sylvia Rivera Law Project).
New York sued over transgender Medicaid coverage – FOX 32 News Chicago.

Amira Gray v. Bistro 18 (USA)

Lambda Legal filed a complaint in the Washington, D.C., Office of Human Rights on behalf of Amira Gray, a transgender woman who was given a restaurant receipt with an anti-LGBT slur printed on it.
In August 2013, while socializing with friends at Bistro 18, a hookah bar in Washington’s Adams Morgan neighborhood, Amira and her eight friends were repeatedly ignored by their server and had to approach the bar to order. During the evening, the server came to the party’s table only once to deliver the hookah machine the group had ordered at the bar. At the end of the night, the bartender dropped off the check, which had the words “GAY BITCHES” printed where the customer’s name would be written.
Lambda Legal Files Complaint for Anti-LGBT Slur on Restaurant Receipt _ Lambda Legal.

Massachusetts (USA)

Massachusetts is the third state in the nation to cover transgender medical services, including gender reassignment surgery, as a standard benefit in its government health plan for lower-income and disabled people. The administration of Governor Deval Patrick also moved to prohibit private insurers from denying coverage for gender reassignment surgery or other treatments medically necessary for patients who are transgender, saying that would constitute sex discrimination.
The Patrick administration will strongly recommend similar reforms to the Group Insurance Commission, which provides coverage for thousands of state and municipal employees and their dependents. Only two other states — California and Vermont — have Medicaid programs guaranteeing treatment for gender dysphoria, a mental illness in which there is a pronounced difference between patients’ feelings about their gender and their physical sex characteristics.  People with gender dysphoria identify with stereotypes about the opposite sex.
Boston councilors to press for insurance coverage for city workers seeking gender reassignment surgery – Metro – The Boston Globe.
State to cover gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatment for transgender patients – Metro – The Boston Globe.


A recent report out of Iran supports what gays and lesbians have realized across the world – support for gender identity means an end of gay people.
Justice For Iran (JFI) and 6Rang, an Iranian lesbian and transgender network, have issued a report indicating that Iranian doctors routinely pressure lesbians and gays to undergo sex change operations including sterilisation.
Homosexuality is considered a sin in Iran, but transsexuality is viewed as a legitimate health problem curable through surgery.
Transsexuality was legalised after revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini issued a religious edict in 1985 authorising sex change operations.
Iran carries out among the highest number of sex changes in the world and is the only country that imposes the death penalty for homosexual behaviour while permitting sex changes.
There were 1,366 applications  made to the Legal Medicine Organisation of Iran, which must approve such operations, between 2006 and 2010, but campaigners say anecdotal evidence from doctors suggests the number of operations is far higher.
Iran pressures lesbians, gays to have sex change operations – report.
Pathologizing Identities Paralyzing Bodies.

Slidell Athletic Club (USA)

A cross-dressing gender fluid gay man has said he lost his gym membership because he is not ‘manly’ enough. Keegan Burnett, from Slidell, Louisiana, claims he was harassed when he attempted to use the male locker room at Slidell Athletic Club.
Gender Identity Watch fully supports the right of gender nonconforming Men to use sex-specific facilities free from harassment or intimidation, and we hope Burnett sues.
Gay man not ‘manly’ enough for gym membership _ Gay Star News.

Tranarchy, Sarah Richardson and Gender Identity Watch (Internet)

Tranarchy is a Men’s Rights organisation that works to censor feminist speech. Recently, they instructed their page followers to report this blog – which reports publicly available news and court opinions – to its hosting site for “defamation.”
Men’s Rights Activists believe that Women do not have a right to observe events and form conclusions about those events.
Here are the individuals who run the Tranarchy Facebook page, including Sarah Michelle Richardson, a 23 year old man who identifies as a womanDanielle Elise and Frankie Vega.

Sarah Michelle Richardson
Sarah Michelle Richardson

Danielle Elise
Danielle Elise