1921123_275905759248381_4102465362496183061_oMen’s rights activists are planning to protest a free and open meeting in Portland, Oregon because they do not agree with the radical feminism of the organizers.
A person calling himself QuiddityQ posted to Portland Independent Media Center a statement filled with misogynistic tropes and outright lies, including:
This Saturday an international group of radical “feminists” (hate group) will descend on Portland to hold what it purports to be a “public forum” on sex workers and on trans folks. – Transgender activists regularly accuse everyone who disagrees with their fundamentalist ideology of being in a “hate group” or engaging in “hate speech.” The goal of this accusation is to silence dissent.
The hate group called WOLF (Womyn’s Liberation Front) and Deep Green Resistance’s leaders Lierre Keith and Rachel Ivey (plus an “ex-trans” speaker) are main speakers of the “forum” to be held at the Central Library (801 SW 10th Ave) U.S. Bank Room downtown from 11AM to 3PM. We questioned the library administration about allowing a hate group who promotes discrimination and their response is that they cannot kick them out because of freedom of speech.  – Again with the “hate group” accusation, as merely stating this accusation is enough to make idiots on the Internet believe it is true. Also, use of scare quotes occurs liberally through the document to undermine the purpose of the event. Notice how this organization glosses over the fact that (1) this event is free and open and (2) we actually do have a First Amendment right to use public property that is open to all.
On Sunday, a group of TRUSCUMS (self-loathing trans folks who have been brain washed into radical feminism, who are online puppets of Supreme Leader Cathy “Buck” Brennen) are having a secret meeting to establish an ex-trans organization. This location is secret but we are investigating and will inflitrate it. – Here, the protesters seeks to infilitrate a meeting for transwomen only.  Additionally, trans activsts deminstrate that misgendering does not actually kill anyone, as they regularly refer to Cathy Brennan as “Buck” (because Cathy is a gender nonconforming woman) and she is still alive.
People are also encouraged to infiltrate the “forum” and speak out, call out on the TERF and SWERF bullshit, and filibuster the meeting in general. – Given that it is a public event, infiltration is not necessary. The stated purpose of the event is to create dialogue, so these protesters could actually just attend.
For people who don’t know, DGR and RadFem are people who want trans folks to be outlawed and be executed in prison unless they go back to their birth sex because to them genital is destiny. – This is flat out false. This is also failry typical of the trans activism proppaganda machine. They make claims that have no basis in fact, and rely on people’s laziness and unwillingness to question to allow the accusations to “become” true.
They claim trans women are rapists simply by existing, – This is also false. radical feminists have highlighted that aspects of transgender activism reinforce rape culture, such as the Cotton Ceiling and the transwoman emphasis on breaking down barriers to gain entry into sex-segregated spaces.
AND even petitioned the United Nations to strip all trans and genderqueer people of human rights. – This is, again, a misrepresentation of this letter, which you can read here.
This same group of people are also into slut-shaming and against sex workers and also those women who do not become butch lesbians. – Radical feminists critique prostition and the system that keeps women enslaved to men. Radical feminists don’t “slut shame” anyone, least of all women in prostitution. No woman is a slut. Additionally, radical feminists reject gender, which includes “butch” as an “identity.”
Funny how they are all white middle class women with masters and doctors degrees, who go after poor trans women of color who experience constant threat of hate crime, denied healthcare, unemployment, homelessness, police violence and just all sorts of oppression. – Calling a woman “white” or “middle class” or “educated” are silencing tactics and are intended to divide and conquer women. Additionally, radical feminists understand that the individuals most affected by violence in the “trans community” (not that there is a cohesive trans community) are people of color. Finally, women have a right to an education. It’s pretty disgusting that progressives point to education as a negative, particularly given the worldwide struggle of girls to be “allowed” to be educated.
Let’s make them check their WHITE, MIDDLE-CLASS, CIS PRIVILEGE!  – No woman is cis.

These hateful FASCISTS do not belong in Oregon!  – Fascists are people who support an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization. Or, if you are a trans activist, it’s women who disagree with men.
We encourage anyone attending this event to film the counter demonstrators and post the video online.
portland imc – 2014.05.