Allison Woolbert is a man who identifies as a woman. He has lived life as a heterosexual man named Dennis for many years, and only recently realized he is actually a woman.  He wants the Southern Poverty Law Center to label this blog run by lesbian feminists as a “hate group” for googling publicly available information and putting it on this blog. He believes it is “hate speech” for lesbian feminists to notice that his “anti-violence” project, the Trans* Violence Tracking Portal, is deficient because it fails to name the perpetrator of violence against trans people (here’s a hint: it’s not lesbian feminists).
Woolbert is just one of many men who appeals to the “authority” of the Southern Poverty Law Center to name lesbian feminists as a “hate group.”  These men believe that it is hateful for women to notice how transwomen harass us and threaten us with rape and death. It is hateful to notice how transwomen work to destroy women-only space. It is hateful for lesbians to reject transwomen sexually. And most of all, it is hateful for us to know they are men.
Basically, it is hateful for women to resist male domination.  We look forward to the Southern Poverty Law Center opening an investigation into how “hateful” lesbian feminists are for resisting male domination.
SPLC – Classify Gender Identity Watch as a Hate Organization.