The Southern Poverty Law Center threatened to sue the Georgia Department of Corrections if it does not allow a transgender inmate to receive hormone therapy. David Dinielli, deputy legal director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, wrote in a letter to Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner Brian Owens that personnel at Valdosta State Prison where Ashley Diamond has been incarcerated since March 2012 have refused to provide her with “constitutionally-required medical treatment in the form of hormones.”
Dinielli notes Diamond has received hormone therapy since she was 17. He writes the Georgia Department of Corrections “abruptly halted” these treatments once she entered the system — in spite of its own policy that mandates “maintenance” of a prisoner’s hormone therapy while in custody.
The SPLC makes no note of the fact that Diamond already filed a lawsuit.
Group demands hormones for transgender Georgia inmate.
SPLC to Georgia_ Give transgender inmate hormone treatment or… _ www.ajc.