Paul Luckman/Nicole Louise Pearce (Australia)


Paul Luckman aka Nicole Louise Pearce and Robin Reid picked up two Brisbane schoolboys who were hitch-hiking. Peter Aston and Terry Ryan, both 13, were handcuffed and driven 60km to an isolated beach near Kingscliff in northern NSW. Peter was kicked, punched, stripped and hair was cut from his head and pubic region. Terry was forced by the men to eat the hair and perform an indecent act on Peter, who was hit on the head with a shovel and a rifle, tortured with lit cigarettes and had an aerosol spray ignited near his face. Peter was then repeatedly stabbed while screaming for mercy, had sand shovelled on to his face and was pushed into a shallow grave. Sentenced to 24 years, Luckman and Reid were sent to separate NSW jails.

Luckman applied for female hormone treatment in prison and changed his name to Nicole Louise Pearce. He was released on parole in October 1999 and now lives as a woman in Victoria.

Child murderer to stay in jail _ Tweed Daily News.