Michelle Websdale/Geoffrey Ian Websdale (Australia)


Michelle Websdale, aka Geoffrey Ian Websdale, had a one night stand with Deborah Astill, 19, who subsequently rejected any further advances from him. On the night on November 7, 1989, he broke into her home and shot dead Karen Deacon, 20, and 24-year-old Ian Hutchinson. He then shot Darryl Lamb in the back, leaving him a quadriplegic with his wounds. Deborah Astill survived with  bullet wounds in her arm and back. In prison, Websdale learned to play guitar. Around 2005, he began fashioning his prison greens into skirts and grew his curly hair long. He asked jail authorities to have his name card changed to “Michelle.”

Victims shocked as sex change killer granted parole _ The Daily Advertiser.

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  1. he needs to be kept in jail no question. how can someone who has killed, who killed because he was told NO and who has made threats against the victims family even be allowed on the window side of a prison be set free? this poor woman and her family.

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