Noel Crompton/Maddison Hall (Australia)

996200-maddison-hallMaddison Hall, aka Noel Crompton Hall, shot and killed Lyn Saunders. Sentenced to 22 years, Hall began dressing as a woman in jail and self-harming, complaining that he was a woman trapped in a man’s body. Maddison Hall claimed he belonged in a female jail, and was moved to the an all-woman maximum security prison, where he gained a reputation as a sexual predator and was charged with raping his cellmate. Returned to a man’s jail, Hall sued the NSW Department of Corrective Services, claiming psychological trauma and won a $25,000 out-of-court settlement, which funded his full sex change surgery in 2003.

‘Did Hall get fellow prisoner pregnant_’ – National –

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  1. Why are these male murderers and rapists even placed in women’s prisons? The female inmates should sue for their emotional suffering.

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