One thought on “Oregon Queer Students of Color Conference (USA)”

  1. First of all, Climbing Poetree has never said anything about transgender identified persons. In their written response, they state that they have supported transgender rights. Guilt by association smacks of an especially ugly form of McCarthyism and deliberate silencing of female voices, particularly black female voices. For simply performing at Michigan Women’s Festival, they aren’t allowed to perform for Queer Students of Color. Males exerting financial pressure on women of color to get their point across isn’t revolutionary. It’s rather regressive.
    It basically boils down to this. Two very talented black female artists are being punished for not placing the needs of men ahead of everything else in their lives. I’m assuming that the Queer Studens of Color is comprised of both males and females, but it’s male interests that they are defending at the expense of human beings born female.
    Women can’t have one weekend a year without considering the needs of males (queer identified males, males who “identify as women”, etc.). Michigan Women’s Music Festival is one week a whole freaking year, but women need policing 365 days a year because God knows what they might say if they are left to their own devices. They might brew up a rebellion or something.
    Why does autonomy apply to everyone else but humans born female? Try this and see how it sounds. Henceforth, blacks can’t have organized meetings without white people present. Wait, didn’t they already do this in something called slavery. Native persons can’t meet without white people present. This includes white participation in all sacred native rituals.
    Women have a right to meet and have festivals without male approval, and we have a right to define ourselves based on our own lived experiences.
    Michigan Women’s Music Festival is held on PRIVATE LAND, and even on private land women aren’t entitled to one lousy week a year without male overseers.

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