Lynch v. Lewis (USA)

Christopher Lynch aka Pasha Nicole is a convicted child sex offender. He lost his lawsuit against the Georgia Department of Corrections to treat him for gender dysphoria.
Lynch, who says he is a transwoman, received a 14-year prison sentence for forcing a 16-year-old boy into prostitution, supplying him crack cocaine, creating graphic photos and video of him and driving him to meet rape-for-pay clients.
Pasha Nicole gets 14 years in sex slave case — Project Q Atlanta.
Lynch v. Lewis.
Lynch v. Lewis.
Lynch v. Lewis.
Lynch v. Lewis.
Lynch v. Lewis.
Lynch v. Lewis.
Lynch v. Lewis.
Lynch v. Lewis Dismissal.
Criminal Convictions.
District Court Affirmed Dismissal.

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  1. This is a perfect example of how insane this has become. Lynch filed seven grievances, appeal, etc, etc. because he thinks his rights are being violated.
    Lynch isn’t being incarcerated because he says he has “gender dysphoria” or “identifies as a woman”. Lynch pimped out a 16 year old boy, supplied him with drugs, and exploited him with no regard for the safety of the boy. He is incarcerated for the following:
    According to the article, the teenage boy was Lynch and his boyfriend’s meal ticket.
    ““Mr. Lynch had found his meal ticket,” Ackley said. “Anytime the victim walked out of the household [of a paying client], Pasha was sitting with her hand out, took the money and fed them cocaine.”
    Lynch had a boyfriend, identified in court as Sam, and they lived in Lemery’s home while forcing Christiana to live in a closet, pay the rent for the couple and never allowing her to have her own transportation, Ackley said. Lynch and Lemery placed ads on Craigslist to attract up to three or four clients a day for Christiana, sex acts that would bring in thousands of dollars per week, Ackley said.”
    Apparently, Lynch has a drug problem, or has a history of purchasing street drugs. Where would he get the cocaine that he gave to the 16 year old boy he was pimping out?
    In some of the hand written complaints, Lynch admits that he repeatedly bought and used different prescription drugs that were not prescribed to him. I thought this was illegal.
    A prison physician, Dr. Moody, asked Lynch if he was ever on hormones before. In one of the grievances, Lynch states,
    “I lied to Dr. Moody and stated that, yes, I had been prescribed hormones by Bill Hogan, M.D., deceased. In truth, Dr. Hogan had been my “sugar daddy” and hormone enabler until his suicide. Once incarcerated in jail (and in prison, too) I continued to treat myself by purchasing the hormones from inmates whom had prescriptions from non-prison physicians”.
    Lynch states,
    “From the age of 15 I began to illicitly consume estrogen treatments and testosterone blockers”.
    In his own grievances, Lynch admits to lying to prison doctors and taking prescription drugs that he bought from fellow inmates or people on the street. I thought this was illegal.
    Any rational person should realize that Lynch has other serious psychological and character issues besides the gender dysphoria that he claims. He sexually exploits a 16 year old boy and lies to prison doctors. Does he feel any guilt or remorse for what he put a teenage boy through? I doubt it.
    The George Department of Corrections did the right thing. I hope Lynch gets some psychological help while in prison, but his main problem is his obvious disregard for the safety and well-being of other people, especially children, drug use (prescription and street drugs), and his constant lying.

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