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Transgender activists continue to push the idea that radical feminist critiques of gender constitute “hate speech.” Sally Goldner, a man who “identifies as a woman” and executive director of Transgender Victoria (Australia), has made public statements suggesting that Sheila Jeffreys’ Gender Hurts could hurt a trans person’s feelings.

Sheila Jeffreys responds: “The book is a political, historical and sociological critique of the practice of transgenderism,” she said. “It says nothing negative about persons who transgender, although it is critical of the published ideas of some of those who transgender.

“I argue that transgenderism is a harmful practice and that has nothing whatsoever to do with hating those who transgender. In the book I show considerable sympathy with the harms that those who transgender experience, particularly those who change their minds and detransition.”

Trans persons should learn that all humans – including women – have feelings, and that if hurt feelings were the measure of what can and cannot be said in the world, we would live on a very quiet planet. Trans persons might also realize that women’s feelings are hurt by reducing us to an idea in a man’s head, clothing, mannerisms, and other stereotypes about what “being a woman” means.

University students urged to take a stand against _hateful_ and _inaccurate_ book – Catalyst.

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  1. “Men have been adjudicating on what women are, and how they should behave, for millennia through the institutions of social control such as religion, the medical profession, psychoanalysis, the sex industry. Feminists have fought to remove the definition of what a woman is from these masculine institutions and develop their own understandings. Claims to the ‘right’ to self define ‘gender’ subject womanhood to men’s power to define it again.” – Sheila Jeffreys, Gender Hurts

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