Gender Hurts, Hurts Feels

Privilege Denying Tranny

So Gender Hurts by Shelia Jefferys came out not to long ago and as predicted internet trans wacktavists have taken off their press ons for a mighty meltdown of key board warrioring.  Not only are they calling the book, that they haven’t read btw, THE MOST VILE PIECE OF HATE SPEECH EVER WRITTEN, they’re calling from it’s removal from Amazon.  As of the time of writing 54 negative comments have been left. I’m sure there are more now.

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Basically, they’re all the same blah blah hate speech, 1 in 12 trans women are murdered, (which has been debunked), bigotry, trans misogyny bullshit…


A book…a book shouldn’t be tolerated? A book that doesn’t advocate the “eradication of trans people” but is gender critical shouldn’t be tolerated? Give me a fucking break.


No room for misogynists…unless they’re men in dresses.


I think you’re wrong. FEMinism…meaning female. Feminism is for and…

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