Nonforcible Sexual Advances and the Cotton Ceiling (USA)

A California politician has introduced legislation (AB 2501) to stop homophobes from claiming a Gay Panic defense in cases where they are charged with murder.  Specifically, the legislation provides that for purposes of determining sudden quarrel or heat of passion, the provocation was not objectively reasonable if it resulted from the delivery or, knowledge about, or potential disclosure of the victim’s or defendants’ actual or perceived “gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation,” including circumstances in which the victim made an unwanted nonforcible romantic or sexual advance towards the defendant.
There are dozens and dozens of instances where Men have murdered Transwomen upon “discovering” that their transwoman lover was biologically male.  This impulse – to kill, to destroy – is the result of male socialization, and it’s Men who are doing it. This impulse is abhorrent and wrong, and rooted in misogyny.
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Alison J. Walkley @AJWalkley

Alison J. Walkley is a heterosexual woman engaged to a man. She believes that this blog is a “hate group” for advocating for women’s space and lesbian sexual autonomy. Walkley is just the latest heterosexual woman who has decided lesbians spread “hateful messages against men” by rejecting men sexually and by building women-only space.
Alison Walkley.

CeCe McDonald


CeCe McDonald is a transgender woman who was attacked by a group in June 2011 yelling anti-gay, racist and anti-trans slurs. One of the group, Molly Flaherty, instigated a physical altercation by smashing a glass in McDonald’s face.  It was Flaherty who escalated the verbal altercation to a physical one.The melee escalated and resulted in McDonald stabbing Dean Schmitz, Flaherty’s ex-boyfriend,  to death.

McDonald pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter and served 19 months in a men’s prison.  Flaherty served 6 months in jail for assault.
CeCe McDonald murder trial _ City Pages.
Molly Flaherty charged with smashing glass on CeCe McDonald’s face _ City Pages.
Molly Flaherty Complaint.

Molly Flaherty
Molly Flaherty

Tranny and @fakedansavage @anamariecox @UChicago (USA)

Ana Marie Cox’s Fellows seminar with guest Dan Savage.

Dan Savage and Ana Marie Cox are in hot water from trans people for daring to discuss in public why saying “Tranny” is “problematic.”  They did so at an event hosted by the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics.
According to this petition, “a trans student repeatedly asked them not to use the slur and tried to explain why it was offensive. Cox and Savage then proceeded to argue with the student, saying they had a right to use the word. Afterwards, Savage continued to use the slur despite knowing it was making students feel unsafe and both Cox and the IOP staff did nothing to stop him. This action upset the student to the point that they had to leave the room in a state of distress.”
Trans people believe that someone should “stop” discourse of subjects if it makes them feel bad.
The petition alleges that the “usage of this slur constitutes hate speech, which is frankly unacceptable,” without noting that the context of the discussion was why the word is PROBLEMATIC.
The petition continues: “There is a difference between respecting open discourse and permitting hate speech—a distinction that the IOP does not seem to understand. Both Ana Marie Cox, as the moderator, and the IOP staff have a responsibility to stop hate speech in order to maintain a safe and accessible space for students where respectful open discourse can actually occur. They failed to do this. The IOP proudly asserts its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and civil discourse. In order to stay true to these values, we demand that the IOP publicly apologize for failing to stop the use of the transphobic slur during the seminar and assert a commitment to preventing the use of slurs and hate speech in the future.”
It is hate speech to discuss why saying Tranny is problematic.  That is, the word Tranny is so powerful that it cannot be uttered, ever, even in the context of a political discussion as to why the word is offensive.
However, trans women calling women bitches, cunts, twats and fish is acceptable and not hate speech, apparently.
Side Note: Tranny seems to be used the most as a porn word. Interestingly, we have observed that most vocal trans women activists are pro-pornography.

Colorado (USA)

Representative Rhonda Fields, sponsor

The Colorado legislature is considering legislation to make it a crime to cyberbully minors through social media. Cyberbullying means posting or adding “any statement, photograph, video or other information, about or pertaining to a minor with the intent to cause the minor to suffer serious emotional distress.”  It also means making a “credible threat against a  minor that the actor knows or reasonably should know will be communicated to or viewed by the minor.”  In both instances, to constitute cyberbullying, the conduct must result in serious emotional distress to the minor.
The legislation is unique in that it does not appear to require direct communication to the minor. Rather, the posting of material is enough to constitute “cyberbullying” assuming all other factors are met.  There is an enhanced penalty for cyberbullying committed because of protected characteristics, including gender identity.
Bill to criminalize cyber bullying passes House Education committee – 7NEWS Denver TheDenverChannel.
HOUSE BILL 14-1131.

In Re Julianna Tourmaline Fialkowski (USA)

A Lynchburg, Virginia judge approved a name change for a transgender woman whose application previously was denied, her lawyer said. Julianna Tourmaline Fialkowski, 24, sought the change in December but found out after an early January hearing from a notice mailed by Lynchburg Circuit Court Judge F. Patrick Yeatts that he denied the request. Katie D. Fletcher, a Richmond lawyer representing Fialkowski in a second attempt to change the name, said she subsequently received a letter from Yeatts that said Fialkowski complied with requirements of state law and the application was approved. Fialkowski, a Lynchburg College student, said Yeatts asked questions at a hearing in early January about medical history and the notice of the denial came about two weeks later.
Judge OKs transgender Lynchburg woman’s name change – NewsAdvance.