3 thoughts on “WordPress.com / Automattic censors Lesbian and Feminist Blogs”

  1. This is censorship of feminist analysis of gender. It’s selective thought policing.




    LESBIMEN use the idea of a “safe space” to trick straight women into places they can rape them. Who or what is a “LESBIMEN”? It’s basically any woman who has a feminist view of gender. MANY “LESBIMEN” AREN’T EVEN LESBIAN. LESBIMEN CAN BE STRAIGHT WOMEN, BISEXUAL WOMEN, OR LESBIANS.

    White male heterosexual cross dressers get to define who is lesbian and how lesbians should think.

    )Lesbians don’t hate men, they are just attracted to women.
    LESBIMEN hate men with an unceasing psychotic passion.
    2)A lesbians identity is not dependent on anyone else.
    LESBIMANS identity is absolutely defined by who they are not.
    3)Lesbians don’t need to hide under anonymous names because they fully realize to have a community you have to exist.
    LESBIMEN are all about community destroying so they hide and attack from the dark.
    4) Lesbians can have a relationship with a TG because they understand that it is the person that is female, not just the body.
    LESBIMEN are so full of hate the mere thought of a relationship makes them ill, in the same way gay republicans do about coming out as homosexuals.
    5) Lesbians can tell the difference between men and women.
    LESBIMEN cannot and it utterly terrifies them!
    6)Lesbians understand the historical roots of male oppression and deal directly with the systems that confront and hold women down.
    LESBIMEN are gutless cowards who look for the most powerless group to attack and do exactly what they say men do , OPRESS!
    7)Lesbians are secure enough in who they are they don’t need a “safe space”.
    LESBIMEN use the idea of a “safe space” to trick straight women into places they can rape them.
    8)Lesbians understand the entire idea of rape, cultural or physical.
    LESBIMEN claim anything and everything that happens to them in life is “rape”, devaluing actual victims of rape.
    9)Lesbians don’t have to lie.
    LESBIMEN LIE INCESSANTLY! CHRONICALLY! Whether it is about being attacked or raped or what people say it is utterly impossible for them to tell the truth!
    10)Lesbians don’t call themselves “gender nonconforming” because they don’t spend their lives obsessing about their gender.
    LESBIMEN scream and rant about how they are gender nonconforming” when everything they do and say it completely about trying to force other people to conform to a gender they define.


  2. Please contact blogspot continued and tell them that homophobia and misogyny are not acceptable.

    Referring to females as “Phallus Hag and Maggot Bag”

    “Gallus Mag
    Phallus Hag
    Phallus Haggus
    Mallice Fag
    Maggot Bag
    Or whatever you want to call him, the invisible anonymous leader of the :

    WE ARE WOMEN AND YOU ARE NOT RADMAN hate blog GenderTrender. His name is derived from the myth of a 6ft brutal female bouncer who tore mens ears off. RadMen are attracted to the imagery of violence and murder.

    Gender :Male
    Occupation: A tranwoman rapist and a nobody.”


    Because they are women, lesbians are far more likely to be victims of sexual assault or rape than perpetrators. All we have to do is look at crime statistics and who is actually incarcerated for sex crimes.

    “Yes ,many lesbians prey on women just like their penis baring male counter parts. Really , I see men when I look at many of you. You sound, walk and talk just like men. Hence my friends mistaking one of you for us. Where do you think all transmen com.”


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