Lumberton, Texas ISD (USA)


A Lumberton, Texas  ISD substitute teacher has been suspended for being transgender. The district confirms they are looking into the matter and no one has been terminated yet.  Laura Jane Klug tells us she was subbing in for a 5th grade teacher when she first found out “concerned parents” were worried that their child had been supervised by a teacher who was transgender.

“Within an hour of them being exposed or dealing with this, there’s a few issues here, I think these kids are too young for this issue, so that’s our main focus is, if it happens in older grades, high school, ok but too young for this,” Roger Beard, a 5th grade dad says.

This is an example of irrational discrimination. There is no reason why this person cannot perform this job.  Title VII, the federal law that bans discrimination in employment, should cover Klug in this instance and we hope she gets a good lawyer to sue the school district.

KFDM Channel 6 __ News – Top Stories – Transgender teacher suspended from job.