Farmer v. Caliente Cab Company (USA)


A West Village restaurant where a woman said she was asked to leave the women’s restroom, and then the premises, because she looked too much like a man paid her $35,000 in 2008 and agreed to change its workplace practices. Khadijah Farmer was ejected from a women’s restroom because, she was told, she looked too much like a man. Farmer, who describes herself as “not the most feminine,” went to the restaurant, the Caliente Cab Company, with her partner, Joelle Evans, after the Gay Pride Parade.  While she was in the women’s bathroom, a male bouncer burst in and told her that she had to leave. Although Ms. Farmer showed him her state nondriver photo identification card, which identified her as a woman, the bouncer insisted that she leave the bathroom, and subsequently her entire group was ejected from the restaurant.

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One thought on “Farmer v. Caliente Cab Company (USA)”

  1. This is a female, and she has as much right in the women’s restroom as any other female. Restrooms, locker rooms, and showers should be based on anatomy not clothes or how long the hair is. As a female, I could care less if she has short hair. I only care if the person I’m sharing a restroom with has a penis or not. The vast majority of sex offenders are male, and males who cross dress or “identity as women” offend at the same rate as other males.

    If I had to pick between Paula (Paul) Witherspoon in a skirt and this female with the short hair, I would much rather share a restroom with the actual female.

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