.@WigginsToby and #michfest (Canada)


Toby Wiggins is a woman who identifies as a man. Toby recently took great pride in announcing how she and other people demanded that Kathleen Hanna “apologize for Michigan” when she played a gig in Toronto with The Julie Ruin. Wiggins apparently believes that because she has decided women-only space doesn’t matter to her, it should not matter to anyone. Read Queen Nanny’s excellent take on this.



We See Through You #18 — keep your bridges burning.

Queen Nanny.

3 thoughts on “.@WigginsToby and #michfest (Canada)”

  1. I wonder how women like her would feel if their daughter had to share a restroom with Paula Witherspoon pictured here.


    Or, how would this woman feel if she were homeless and had to share sleeping quarters with “Jessica” Hambrook? At the time that he was stalking and sexually assaulting women in two different women’s shelters, Christopher went by the name of “Jessica” and identified as transgender.


    By the way, neither Paula Witherspoon nor Jessica Hambrook ever apologized for sexually assaulting girls and women.

  2. “Got that? The woman who isn’t playing this year, and hasn’t played for about 6 years, is being told to apologize to the trans community for ever having set foot at Michigan. Bow down, bitches.”

    Great article by Queen Nanny!

    Six years ago, Hanna did something that trans folks didn’t like. Therefore, she is an evil person and should apologize. Get a HUGE banner in an attempt to shame her.

    Don’t people see a pattern here? Women are always the ones who: (1.) have to accommodate any and everyone (2.) always put the interests of males before their own needs

    How dare the uppity women step out of line.

    Since we are on the subject of apologizing, APOLOGIZE for the “Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling: Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Transwomen” which EXCLUDED females.

    I’m sure it will be a cold day in hell when trans activists apologize for every sexist and misogynistic thing males falsely claiming membership in the female sex have ever said.


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