Ogle School (USA)

NDQ4ODJkODM0NTZj_10250Lindsey Fahlberg, a transgender woman, went to enroll in Ogle School of San Antonio but staff told her since the sex on her driver’s license is male, she needed to dress according to her legal sex. “She said, ‘well you cannot come in a dress, you would have to wear long pants slacks,’” added Fahlberg. Fahlberg says she was also told as far as makeup goes, she could only wear a light base, clear lip gloss, and a really light mascara. She added she told the director of the school she didn’t want to take a step back. “And she looked at me dead on and told me, ‘well, this school isn’t for you.’”

This is absurd and a good example of the stupidity of sex stereotypes.


Woman claims cosmetology school discriminated against her – WOAI News 4 San Antonio – Top Stories.