Dana Lane Taylor @miss_sudo (USA)

Bj_ZIvmCIAEDtj2Dana Lane Taylor is a Men’s Rights Activist who harasses women, particularly lesbians, for their feminist analysis of gender. He recently attempted to silence gender critical pseudo anonymous blogger Gallus Mag by offering to fund raise for a bounty to pay a person to “out” Gallus’ identity.

Taylor is known for using a variety of sock puppet accounts to relentlessly troll women online.


3 thoughts on “Dana Lane Taylor @miss_sudo (USA)

  1. Trying to recruit anon as your private army, looking to raise bounties. This is so unbelievably out of hand. This is not activism, Dana.

    Have you considered that maybe all the psych meds you are on might be contributing to the thoughts of violence and self harm you’ve been tweeting about?

  2. AVFM has been doing this since 2011. Bounties of up to $1000 on women, as if they are gazelles and they are wild dogs. But we are human beings with legal rights to free speech. We use those rights. We will continue to use them, in spite of these fools’ attempts to treat us like animals…

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