Kaye Bowens (USA)

ABC_kxly_sex_change_killer_tk_140318_16x9_992Kaye Bowens was fired from a job at an Arkansas McDonald’s for using the women’s restroom.  According to Bowens, when she was hired she made it clear she was born a man but lives as a women.  She says she had no problems during the first three months of her employment, but says, two weeks ago a shift manager confronted her in the women’s bathroom. Bowens says the manager said she should be using the men’s room.  The next day she was called into the general manager’s office and fired,  according to Bowens. She says she was offered her job back later the same day, after she threatened a lawsuit, but only if she agreed to use the men’s bathroom.  She says she has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and is considering hiring a lawyer.  The EEOC protects transgender employees under Title VII, the federal law banning workplace discrimination, by administrative interpretation. The EEOC views discrimination against transgender employees as a form of sex discrimination, as does Gender Identity Watch.

We hope Bowens wins.

Transgender Woman Claims She Got Fired for Using Women’s Bathroom – Local News, Weather, Sports, and Community for Central Arkansas.

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