Emails to Roz Kaveney on the issue of no platform policy

Sarah Ditum

Yesterday, I emailed Roz Kaveney to request a quote for this New Statesman article on the subject of no platform policies. Kaveney has subsequently tweeted to say that I requested “an immediate response”, the implication being that she was not given enough time to compile the materials in support of her position or that it was unreasonable of me to expect her to do so. Below, I have reproduced all four of the emails I sent her. None request an immediate response. For the record, I would have been happy to wait or to approach an alternative source had Kaveney decided not to provide a statement.

Subject: Request for comment on no-platforming

Sarah Ditum

Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Hi Roz, I’m working on a piece for the New Statesman about no-platforming and I wondered if you’d like to contribute a comment towards it. I know that…

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