Report of the Transgender Military Service Commission (USA)

dt.common.streams.StreamServerThe Transgender Military Service Commission, a commission of the Palm Center, issued a report recommending that President Barack Obama issue an executive order instructing the Department of Defense to amend its regulations so transgender people are no longer automatically barred from military service.  The Palm Center is funded in part by a $1.3 million grant from Jennifer Pritzker, a billionaire former Army lieutenant colonel who came out as transgender last year.

Transgender Military Service Report.

Former Surgeon General Faults Military’s Transgender Ban _ Palm Center.

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APNewsBreak_ Transgender troop ban faces scrutiny – seattlepi 2.

2 thoughts on “Report of the Transgender Military Service Commission (USA)”

  1. If he is a pre-op (still has his penis and testicles) transwoman, housing him with female soldiers or sailors is never going to go over very well in military. It’s not going to happen. I’ve never served, but I have family members who served in the Army and Navy. In the military, soldiers and sailors live in close quarters. Where would the military house a pre-op transwoman? He might identify as a “woman”, but he still has male genitalia. Is he going to shower with females? Is he going to sleep in the same barracks with female soldiers? The women wouldn’t tolerate it nor should they be forced to share showers and sleeping quarters with males. Pre-op transwomen are still BIOLOGICAL MALES WITH MALE GENITALIA. That is, unless they have an actual rare disorder of sexual development with is NOT the same thing as trangender.

    The U.S. military requires all recruits to be physically fit. The military doesn’t have to accept any person who doesn’t meet certain physical requirements. There is no ADA in the military. They don’t have to accept people with medical conditions. The military doesn’t have to accept people with diabetes or other medical conditions that require routine medication. Not only do MTFs undergo plastic surgery, they have to receive female hormones. Aren’t these drugs taken for life? Who is going to administer these drugs? Post-op MTFs would require hormone injections that are administered for years, if not the life time of the patient.

    Both MTF and FTM “top surgery” and “bottom surgery” involve extensive plastic surgery on otherwise healthy male and female reproductive systems. Anyone who thinks these procedures are simple and uncomplicated are very naive. Any complications or long term health issues resulting from these surgeries would need to be considered in the recruit’s physical exam.

    How would the military handle FTMs (biological females) who identify as “men”? Many FTMs don’t have “bottom surgery”. They might have “top surgery” (mastectomies), but they still have female genitalia. Does the military really think it can house these females with male soliders, or let them shower with male soldiers? They don’t have male genitalia (penis and testicles), and sooner or later male soliders are going to notice this. Gee, that “guy” looks like he has female genitals. It would not take too long to figure it out. FTMs who have undergone “bottom surgery” have a “neophallus” not a penis which is part of the male reproductive system. The complication rate for FTM “bottom surgery” is high. Fistulas are common because the female urethra is being extended. They would also require routine injections of hormones. How would FTMs compare with biological males in a combat situation? The military is about taking it to the enemy.

  2. I bet the U.S. Army regrets the day that Bradley, “Chelsea”, Manning walked into the recruiting office.

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