Hercules High School

A 15-year-old transgender boy, who is biologically female, reported being attacked and sexually assaulted at the same Hercules school where a male who “identifies as a girl” was involved in a fight four months ago, police said. The latest incident – which is being investigated as a hate crime – was reported at Hercules Middle/High School on Refugio Valley Road about 11 a.m. by a transgender student who identifies as male, said Hercules police Detective Connie Van Putten. The student said he was leaving the boys’ bathroom when in a building on the high school part of campus when he was confronted by three male juveniles, Van Putten said. The three pushed him into the bathroom’s disabled stall, where they physically and sexually assaulted him, police said. The student’s parents were notified, and he was taken to a hospital, Van Putten said. Police were interviewing witnesses and had not identified suspects.

UPDATE: The student recanted the story.  See the Hercules Police Department Press Release.

Last month, another transman claimed he was assaulted in a bathroom by a man at a Florida university.  In 2010, a transman was similarly attacked by a man in a restroom in California.

These are incidents of male violence against females, regardless of how they identify.  These incidents also highlight, of course, why women want space away from males, regardless of how they identity.