Dana Lane Taylor @miss_sudo (USA)

Bj_ZIvmCIAEDtj2Dana Lane Taylor is a Men’s Rights Activist who harasses women, particularly lesbians, for their feminist analysis of gender. He recently attempted to silence gender critical pseudo anonymous blogger Gallus Mag by offering to fund raise for a bounty to pay a person to “out” Gallus’ identity.

Taylor is known for using a variety of sock puppet accounts to relentlessly troll women online.


National Coalition of Men (USA)

Harry Crouch

A Men’s Right’s group is objecting to Glendale, California offering free self-defense classes to women only, saying the city is violating federal and state civil rights laws that protect against sexual discrimination. The National Coalition for Men outlined its opposition in a letter sent this month to city officials.

For years, Glendale’s Commission on the Status of Women has held self-defense classes in April on city property for women and girls in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This is the first time the National Coalition for Men, which was established in 1977, has sent a letter asking the city to open the classes to men and boys. According to the letter, the classes, which are set to take place in the Glendale Police Department’s community room twice next month, “violate a host of federal and California anti-discrimination laws.”

In the letter, Crouch echoes the arguments of many transwomen activists who also seek to access-women-only space.

Men’s group objects to women’s self-defense classes in Glendale – latimes.

Letter challenges Glendale’s women’s self-defense classes – Glendale News Press.

Samantha D. Lauzon @samanthalauzon @BuzzFeed #COCKINASOCK (Internet)


Samantha D. Lauzon is a man who felt that the Internet meme #COCKINASOCK did not adequately represent Men who identify as Women. Thus, he posted the selfie above of his cock in a sock.

Testicular cancer is a Male issue – Men and Transwomen are both male.

Lauzon denied that he is male on Twitter, but acknowledges it here.







The Final Wave is a Men’s Rights project of Dana Lane Taylor, a transwoman who harasses women online for disagreeing with his analysis of gender.  Apparently it consists of a Twitter account and a blog where he informs us that feminism is “settled” in favor of white, middle class men who identify as women.

A more apt name for his project would be the T Party, as what he espouses in actually libertarianism.


Anita T. Phoenix & @GLADLaw (USA)


A Cambridge transgender woman, outraged that convicted wife killer Robert Kosilek could receive a free sex reassignment operation that health insurers refuse to cover for non-incarcerated men, has filed a pro se lawsuit demanding the same right to tax-funded surgery. Anita T. Phoenix, 59, filed a federal lawsuit claiming that Medicare and MassHealth discriminated against her.  Phoenix also expressed disgust that Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders has prioritized representing Kosilek, who nearly decapitated his wife. Many gay and lesbian people share that sense of disgust.

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Central Piedmont Community College @LGBTQLaw (USA)

andraya-williams-transgender-studentA transgender student attending Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) says she now feels unsafe and uncomfortable on the campus after a run-in with campus security. Andraya Williams, 22, a man who identifies as a woman, alleges CPCC security officers questioned her gender, escorted her off campus and suspended her from classes as she was exiting a restroom and heading to the campus’ library before a class that evening. Williams is represented by Sarah Demarest, Staff Attorney and Coordinator for the LGBTQ Law Center.



Transgender student says she was harassed, detained by Central Piedmont campus security | QNotes Gay Charlotte and LGBT Carolina News, Arts & Entertainment.

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Mara La Torre/John Gerard (Philippines)


Two security guards face criminal charges for stopping a transgender woman from using the women’s toilet. Call center employee Mara La Torre (John Gerard), 22, filed a criminal complaint against May Pacheco and her supervisor Mineleus Llegunas before the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office for violation of City Ordinance SP1309, S-2003 prohibiting discrimination against homosexuals in the workplace.  La Torre said the action of Pachieco and Llegunas degraded her gender identity. Clara Rita Padilla, La Torre’s lawyer, said her client is seeking justice through the Quezon City ordinance, the first passed in the Philippines protecting the rights of gay people against discrimination in the workplace.

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Norsworthy v. Beard (USA)


Jeffrey Norsworthy began serving a life sentence within the CDCR in 1987. In 1998 or 1999, a correctional counselor transferred plaintiff to the Department of Mental Health within the California Medical Facility for a Gender Dysphoria Evaluation. The evaluation was conducted from October 1999 to January 2000, at which time, Ph.D. C.R. Viesti, a specialist in Gender/Sexual dysphorias and disorders, concluded that he is a transsexual suffering from severe Gender Identity Disorder (“GID”).  Following the diagnosis in January 2000, Norsworthy started feminizing endocrine therapy and psychotherapy. He has remained at “pre-operation dosages and intensity . . . over the last 14 years.” He has also undergone castration and “has developed and evolved into an extremely feminine, female, and womanly person in form and stature.” According to “several doctors notes and reports,” plaintiff “Presents-As-Female.”

Norsworthy seeks “Sex Reassignment Surgery (“SRS”), at state expense.” According to the guidelines set by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, Inc. (“WPATH”), a transgender person must live as a female under a doctor’s care for 2 to 5 years to qualify for SRS. Norsworthy has been living as a female for 13 years, far exceeding the guidelines. Further, in November 2012, his psychotherapist of over two years, Dr. William Reese, Ph.D/MSCP, recommended SRS as a “medical necessity” in his case. (Compl. at 14.) Norsworthy asserts that SRS would finish what the CDCR and its doctors have already started and would allow him to reduce his hormone therapies and medications to safer doses. Norsworthy has used the CDCR inmate appeals process to request SRS, but has been denied.

Norsworthy filed a lawsuit for civil rights violations for the state’s failure to give him a sex change.  The court noted that “(t)he issue of whether a prison’s refusal to provide SRS to treat a prisoner’s GID constitutes deliberate indifference to serious medical needs in violation of the Eight Amendment has not been resolved by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. A case that may answer that question is now pending in … Kosilek v. Spencer.”

The court dismissed Norsworthy’s lawsuit without prejudice and, because the lawsuit “presents novel and complex legal issues,” and “given the exceptional character of this case,” the court referred the case to the Federal Pro Bono Project to find counsel for Norsworthy.


Norsworthy v. Beard


In the Matter of the Application of D.F. (USA)

A judge has ordered New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services to pay for sex reassignment surgery for a 20-year-old man in foster care, overruling the agency’s refusal. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Peter Moulton said the agency failed to follow its own internal procedures when considering D.F.’s application for procedures costing about $46,000 to conform his appearance with a “female gender identity.”

Noting D.F.’s “almost certain inability” to pay for the procedures once aging out of foster care, Moulton later added, “Payment by ACS for necessary medical procedures may be a transgender youth’s only chance to achieve congruence between her gender identity and her physical appearance.” Continue reading “In the Matter of the Application of D.F. (USA)”

Lewis v. City of Benicia (USA)

Brian Lewis, a heterosexual man, won his appeal against his former employer, the City of Benicia, and two former supervisors, Steve Hickman and Rick Lantrip, for sexual harassment in the workplace.  According to Lewis,  Hickman showed Lewis images on Hickman’s office computer that included a video of a penis in a rat trap and an image of a woman with lopsided breasts.  Hickman told Lewis “risqué” jokes, including: “‘How do you make your wife moan then scream? You fuck her in the ass and then you wipe it on your drapes.’”

Moreover, the California appellate court found that Hickman’s alleged course of conduct allowed an inference he was pursuing a romantic or sexual relationship with Lewis. Lewis testified Hickman gave him about 30 different items as gifts during the time he worked at the water treatment plant. The gifts included “tuxedo underwear,” with ruffles and a bow tie. Hickman also gave Lewis hats, T-shirts, wine, shot glasses and backpacks. Hickman frequently bought lunch for Lewis. On one  occasion during a break, when Lewis picked up Hickman’s cigarette, Hickman said: “[W]hy don’t you just kiss me[?]”  Hickman also once said Lewis should visit his home.

Same-sex harassment constitutes discrimination on the basis of sex. In  Singleton v. U.S. Gypsum Co. and Mogilefsky v. Superior Court, California appellate courts concluded “same-gender (sic) harassment consisting of sexual comments designed to humiliate [a plaintiff] and challenge his gender identity constitutes harassment because of sex,” whether or not such harassment was motivated by sexual interest.

Lewis v. City of Benicia.