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Bitch Media, an anti-feminist publication that prioritizes the ability of the individual to make any choice and call it feminist, confirmed its woman-hating credentials by publishing dozens of repulsive comments on an “article” about lesbian activist Cathy Brennan.

Some of the comments:

“Cis woman. Your so full of shit your pussy stinks.”

“Your going to get killed by an enraged father for playing a part in his trans babies death.”

“Ball is in your court now you fucking hatefull c@$%-”

“We existed 1in30000 .. but mother nature decided to pump up our birth rate 200x in recent years. Suck my trannie dick RFs we are exploding”

You can read the comments here and here.

2 thoughts on “@BitchMedia @sarahmirk & @andizeisler

  1. Good Lord. This CTN tgirl is a nutcase. Sounds like a MRA, that’s right. I think he would be a perfect woman for one of these guys..sure knows how to please a real man (except…sorry for his dick). This article was a joke, an attack fomented by cristian w. And Dany T… What a masquerade. Cathy Brennan is awesome, feminists, lesbians and women are awesome, vert sad

  2. Sorry. I’m on a tablet. Was saying, Very sad she has to fight such irrespectful opponents, they’re ugly inside And it shows.

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