Maryland (USA)

The Fairness for All Marylanders Act, SB 212, made it out of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee with an 8-3 vote. Three amendments were added to the bill during the committee voting session. The first amendment adds “gender identity” to existing law that exempts religious employers from complying with the law for “work connected with the carrying on by such religious corporations, association, educational institution or society of its activities.” Current law allows this exemption for the categories of sexual orientation and religion; this amendment adds “gender identity” to the list.

oneThe second amendment carves out an exception for facilities that presumably would include locker rooms. If a facility wanted to be exempt from complying with the law they would be required to provide equivalent private space for transgender individuals.

The third amendment deleted the definition of gender identity in the bill and inserted the definition from the 2011 (amended bill) and 2012 bill.


SB 212.